Plant-dyed Yarns, Up Close

By Ann Shayne
May 14, 2018

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  • Yay, Brooke! Such a clever and able fiber maven. This Napa knitter person are so happy to see her get a wider audience. jdu

  • A beautiful post! As a knitter, I would love to see a couple of knitted swatches to see how it all worked up. Thanks!

    • Mary, you can see the Nutmeg yarn at work in the newest Field Guide baby sweater Cockleshell Cardigan, and the cormo sport knit up in my project page for the Timbromania sweater

  • I look forward to each MDK post. The piece on John Prine remains my favorite because who would have thought to put those two together. I’m happily working my Carbeth cardigan and thank you

    • I hope somebody is knitting for John Prine.

  • All are gorgeous! Thank you for giving me a break for beauty on a less-than-beautiful workday.

  • I went to Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago and was pretty determined not to buy (too much) yarn. After all, I work at a yarn shop in Florida. But I kept going back to the Nutmeg Fibers booth and couldn’t resist getting one of Meg’s Boyfriend hat kits, which actually has enough yarn for two hats. I’ve paired it with a furry pom pom and can’t wait to wear it… although I’ll have to go on a trip somewhere because it doesn’t usually get cold enough down here. 🙂

  • Such lovelies! I would also love to see swatches; however, I suspect you have other things to do….smile. Being committed to knitting as locally as I can, I attended Maine’s Fiberfest in June and sought out Marcia McDonald at her booth. Lana Plantae Rambouillet DK is spectacular “in person!” Feels, smells (did I say that?), and looks beautiful knitted up. Thanks for including these wonderful, plant and insect dyed yarns in your store. Since I’m currently obsessed (did I say that?) with kerchiefs, these are purrfect! [I won’t mention that I’m into babushkas too….”when I am an old woman, I shall wear purple”….and babushkas!