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  • Franklin, your prose is inspired and inspiring; reading it makes me want to knit and read and write, all at the same time.

  • Was that a . . . a . . . a knit fence in one of the pictures at the top? Which book was that in?

  • A funny story if I may. I was in a LYS this weekend and picked up some yarn for a Carbeth cardigan. The shop owner had not heard of the pattern. I explained that it was all over ravelry (she said she doesn’t follow what is popular), and that is was a Kate Davies pattern. “I’ve never heard of her.” O.o

    • Wow! A yarn shop owner who doesn’t keep up with what’s popular sounds like a soon-to-be former yarn shop owner.

  • Just when I’m trying to save money so that I might actually GO to Shetland . . . two more books to buy first.

    • LOL Gretchen, my thoughts exactly ! I want to curl up by a fire with these books and knit and learn and get inspired.

  • Franklin, thanks for your great review of The Shetland Knitting Project. I have read several other reviews that whined about what the book was not (it seems like the reviewers missed the point). I really appreciate your explanation of what the book is. And its intent sounds incredibly fascinating. Sherlock Holmes of Shetland in the best possible way. And I can’t get enough of Kate and Tom. They are both such incredible artists. I loved reading your thoughts on both books.

  • Thank you for your reviews. I have been toing and froing on whether to get the Shetland project or not and decided that I didn’t need it in my library. You have now made that feel like a wrong decision! I also didn’t realise that there was vol 2 to A stitch in time. I have the first one and love it, will have to get the second.

    I have every book from Kate as I adore her writing and Tom’s photography. This is a dream trip for me, to visit their playground..

    One day.

  • Thank you for bringing these great books and images to my attention. I will be going to Shetland in September and will love to read this before going to have a good primer and tour points.

  • There may not be elves or faeries but Shetland is still full of sheepy magic.

    Oh, and I want that last picture as a poster for my wall. Please tell Mr. Barr to make it so (available for purchase in that format).

  • Franklin, besides being a genius Knitter, you are a genius Writer. I loved every word you’ve written here and plan to order these books immediately. Such a rich field of History! And what Knitter doesn’t desire whatever contains the word “Shetland”? THANK YOU for taking the considerable time it took to write these beautiful sentences. I am in awe.