Shakerag Top, Marled

By Ann Shayne
May 2, 2018

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  • I need to knit this top, and I think the marled is fabulous in a stripe.

  • Ann, I’ve marled before and enjoy it immensely. But here’s my question: are you saying that 1 of the colors is knit with a single thread and the marl is of course knit with 2 threads. so there’s also a little extra substance to the marl that’s not there for the single colored yarn.

    • Exactly! The two-strand stripes are twice as dense as the single-strand stripes, so the effect is a subtle change in texture/density from stripe to stripe.

  • Yes!! So sporty and fun!!! Really great interpretation.

  • Loving the marled look. Thanks for example.

  • Love your marl!!! If only you sold arms to go with a sleeveless top!

    • Stay tuned! I may add some—I like a sleeve, too.

  • I have been a fan of two-yarn-at-once for a long time — double-stranded socks for extra warmth, two strands of crochet cotton for interesting effects. If I ddn’t have 50+ things in my Rav queue already I’d be all over this marled top.

  • You’re giving me IDEAS. I’ll be back after a little swatchfest…