Announcing: A Shakerag Top Knitalong!

By Ann Shayne
April 27, 2018
MDK Field Guide No. 6 is a special joy: patterns by Amy Christoffers, yarns by special folks

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  • I’m in. I have some beautiful linen in my stash just begging to be a sweater.

    • So curious to see how that will look! What kind is it???

      • Me too! It’s Shibui Linen in poppy. It’s a fingering weight. Linen has been discontinued, but there’s a similar yarn called Reed.

        • Our Albers Shawl kit in Field Guide No. 6 uses Reed–Shibui does such beautiful yarns! Can’t wait to see your Shibui Linen for the Shakerag Top.

        • Reed! That’s what I just bought! Am planning to cast on this week

    • I’m thinking about doing this in linen, although not right now — way too much must-do knitting right now! — so I look forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  • Aaagh! I am banging out a Cockleshell cardi—while contemplating the obvious gap in my wardrobe that can only be filled by a Shakerag top . And to think just last week I didn’t even know what was missing.
    You nailed this Field Guide 6!

    • By the time you finished typing, I’m betting your Cockleshell is done.

      To wear a Shakerag at Shakerag: #stretchgoal.

  • Could you post a pic of the Shakerag on something other than a twig? Like maybe a person? I’m having trouble seeing it not being transparent. Sorry to be so unimaginative!

    • Hi Mary!

      I totally hear you—I should have included the photo with the non-twig model! She’s now up top so you can see what the fabric looks like when worn. On a human. ; )

  • WOW!!