A Giant MDK Welcome to . . .

By Ann Shayne
April 17, 2018

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  • How exciting! Can’t wait for the new Field Guide!

  • Hmm.. the “here you go’ link st the bottom gives me a 404 … not found error

    • I got that too, but I didn’t click the “go home” button and got through to a sign in sheet.

      • That should have read: but I clicked the “go home” button

    • Fixed! Our apologies for the gremlins! Thanks for having a look.

  • This is exciting news! Christoffers is one of my favorite designers.

  • Amy and and the MDK Field Guide team is pure alchemy – all the right ingredients for knitting magic. I can’t wait to see what you all cooked up together.

  • Yay!! Amy Christoffers is so, so good. And such a nice person!

  • I am so excited by this news! Amy’s Bailey Cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe.

  • There is some great karmic sweep in this world. I remember meeting Amy for the first time on the hill at Rhinebeck, when I was a mere slip of a middle-aged woman, and you telling me, “This is SAVORY KNITTING!” and I was all “WHAT! GET OUT!” I love our job.

    • and we love you both and all !!!

  • I LOVE her simple designs, perfect for a knitter like me who fears sweaters… my first finished sweater was one of her designs, and I love it completely. I can’t wait for the field guide! I’m all signed up for Knit Stars, and much as I look forward to summer and I don’t want to speed through it, in the back of my mind I am very excited about the fall for Knit Stars.

  • Imagining in the round bottom up and maybe cardis!

  • I may still be dithering about which MarchMayhem sweater to knit but I signed up for Knit Stars!! Whoo Hoo!