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  • Oh my God, this yarn and patterns are to die fore. Great for wish list…

    • Nice yarn but at $40 a skein I would die eBay me knit on

  • OH NO,more shawls………………..said me, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • another shawl that would be wonderful in this yarn is the PHI Shawl done in the blue and green.

  • That blue is so beautiful! I usually go straight to the pink/red shades, but I might need to do Dohne in the blue……

  • Beautiful. How do the color dyes from plants hold up under normal wear ‘n tear.

  • I love all the colors and the shawls blew my mine awesome!

  • My fingers etch just looking at the Beautiful colors and texture

  • Oh this yarn slayed me at VKLive–the cochineal especially. You choose the BEST STUFF. xox

  • I love knitting even though I’m a novice. I’m I the gulf coast area of the u.s. I’m not fast,but, efficient. I would love to have the opportunity to introduce good quality products to my area.

  • Terrific looking yarn

  • So would this yarn not be approprate for kids’ hats?

  • I ordered two skeins of the blue and it is to die for! Love the feel, love the rusticky look of it and it is so SQUISHY.. Casted on a shawl this morning and am loving the look of it. One HUGE downside though…all the die is coming off in my hands! Started a garter tab shawl and only 15 rows in and my hands are indigo as well. Is this an anomaly or a trait of the natural dyes? I will keep going because I love the look, but will onlly knit on it when I am home and can wash my hands before touching other things. Hopefully, the excess dye will come out in blocking and not turn my face, neck and clothing blue once the shawl is completed. I would also NOT RECOMMEND this yarn for colowork.