Bruce Springsteen on the New Yorker Radio Hour

By Kay Gardiner
March 31, 2018

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  • 25 or 6 to 4?

    • I will never get back all the hours of my youth wasted on trying to figure out what that meant.

      • YES! 🙂

  • I heard that interview when it first aired, on the trip home to Vermont after a weekend with family in NJ. It was so wonderful that I texted my son with orders to listen to it as soon as he could find it. And HE responded with “Wow! Thanks, Mom!” which is pretty high praise from a man who just turned 40. But he’s a Jersey boy, and The Boss still rules in many ways. I may just listen to it again …

  • Thanks, Kay. I’ll be checking this out.

  • Kay, yet another reason I suspect you’re my sister from a different mother. Bruce Springsteen: today, tomorrow, always.

  • Ann: Your take on Chicago is hilarious (though, in truth, I prefer them to Bruce Springsteen). 🙂

    • W H A T

      • I agree, Kay- WHAT?

  • Why is it that I know the lyrics to pretty much every Chicago song but none by, like, anybody classy like Cole Porter?

    • Because they colour your world? Or maybe just make you smile? There was no Cole Porter at the Wapato Junior High Spring Festival dance back in 1975, let me tell you!

    • If you want to rectify that— not that there’s anything wrong with it — listen to Ella Fitzgerald’s recording, the Cole Porter Songbook. One listen and they’ll be instantly embedded in your brain. But this only works with Ella Fitzgerald.

      • The one and only Zella!

        • ELLA
          I need a keyboard to type properly

        • I thought maybe Zella was her nickname. It seems to fit.

    • That’s what your husband is for.

  • Yay! Thank you for this. Bruce is my favourite and my best – yesterday, tomorrow, always. He’s invested in the craft like few others, and always gives 200%. I’ve seen him live twice, and my fondest wish is that they would make a video recording of his Broadway show so that those of us not lucky enough to experience it in person can still get to see it.

    • Antonia, I was lucky enough to WIN tickets to see Bruce! He was magical! He was amazing! He was engaging! I hope you get a chance to see him. He’s extended the engagement until Dec.!

  • What a great interview to knit to! I love Bruce. I love his willingness to be honest about himself and his weaknesses and his ability to put it all out there on stage. His music gets me going.
    Thanks for directing us to the interview!

  • This is great. I spent my law school years going to Springsteen concerts up and down the East coast with the law school boyfriend. I even took my admin law book to the Carrier Dome in Syracruse where I faithfully recorded every song in the set on the leaf. No, I didn’t do the studying I planned to do at the concert. What was I thinking?

  • Bruuuuuuuuce!

    I probably heard this interview in 2016, but I’d listen to it again. I met Bruce on his book tour; he held my sock knitting! And called me a “dangerous woman.” Woot!

  • I am totally grinning!

  • I was blessed with a Christmas gift of March tickets to Bruce Springsteen on Broadway. It was magical to me, a lifelong fan, who has seen”The Boss” five times and been a fan since 1977. I’ve heard this interview before but it has been quite a while. It will be a pleasure to listen again.

  • This Jersey Girl use to sneak into the Stone Pony in Asbury Park to see Bruce plan in the 70’s! We now live pretty close to each other and work out at the same gym, but I will not tell where! LOL!