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  • I will read, and reread, ANYTHING Franklin writes!

    • So true!

    • Ditto, Trudi!

    • Indeed, indeed!

  • So funny. Very astute analysis of man sweaters. But those Martin Storey designs are fab. Martin Storey is a real treasure.

  • I laughed and laughed and laughed some more…and then had to go back to look at the pictures ’cause too busy laughing the first read through to pay much attention.

  • Excellent, as always.

  • Day made. What a delight to read any and all of Franklin Habit’s columns. Still cracking up over here.

  • I looked for something for my son and its great to find you guys!Can you include a pictorial for boys with asberger we could do beautiful pieces.thank you. Yadira

  • I loved this. Thank you

  • Thank you, Mr. Habit, for another entertaining and informative review. I maintain an iron-clad rule that my knitting library must be contained to a certain physical space, but you’ve given me compelling reasons to see if I can make some room on that shelf. Reason #1 being that poor Rowan model – he may not be able to read, but I think we can make it work.

    As for the tuck stitches, I was intrigued from your sneak peek on Instagram and now understand your excitement. I’ve been a scarf-hater for years because I can’t stand having a wrong-sided fabric on an item that will *always* be showing its wrong side. To solve this problem + The Boredom Factor in one go? Pure knitting magic.

    • I laughed out loud at the comment about the model, and then looked at who wrote it–Hi Sarah! 🙂 If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters with Kate McKinnon, you need to if only to marvel at Chris Hemsworth’s bimbo receptionist turn–hi-larious.

  • If you don’t stop publishing pictures of incredibly fabulous new patterns, I’m gonna have to quit reading your blog. Although I suppose my inability not to love the next shiny, beautiful design I see THE MOST really isn’t your fault. And sharing new ideas IS the whole point of everyone blogging. But what is a poor ADD sufferer – SQUIRREL! – to do?

  • Witty and informative, as always. Thank you, Franklin! Now, I’ve got to go buy a book. Bye.

  • I love the names of the designs in Martin Storey’s new collection – especially that the only pair of socks are named for Clark Gable, who I always think is practically forgotten. I’ll need to get it just for that!

  • I have bought the majority of my knitting books on Franklin Habit’s recommendations alone. Now, 2 more for serious consideration!

  • You can say they’re all for men but McQueen with it’s svelte raglan shoulders and shorter length is obviously meant for all in search of the perfect Grandpa cardigan!

  • Summed up my man perfectly! Great review as always Franklin.

  • Yep, shapeless bags—my husband’s entire casual wardrobe. Thank you, Franklin, for the best laughs all week!

  • OMG! I can’t remember the last time I read something that had me chuckling so much (1960’s color!) and still had a lot of wonderful info. great reviews, thanks so much!!!

  • The model for the McQueen cardigan looks like a guy who forgot how to have fun, if he ever knew how. He’s taking “brooding” good looks to whole new level- grumpy. I love the cardi he’s wearing though.
    I love your reviews and I’m intrigued by the tuck stitches. Can’t wait to try them.

    • Totally agree. McQueen a cool cardigan (can you say, easily borrowed from hubby to me?), but those pursed lips, oh my.
      Maybe he can’t figure out the diff between grumpy and sexy pout?

  • I adore Franklin and everything that he writes!

  • Perhaps he (the model in the cafe ) is trying to tangle with Heidegger. Enough to perplex the most fervid readers. Please don’t stop writing.

  • My husband gave me the Marchant book for my birthday and I can’t wait to dig in. The Retro Blanket seems a perfect way to use my hoarded hanks of (dear departed) Magpie and Magpie Tweed.

  • Great writing, as always, Franklin. Just a suggestion for Rowan: how about a smiling model, clean-shaven, crew cut. Ditch the broody look. Isn’t there enough anger out there these days?

  • Thank you again Franklin for an entertaining write up of two very interesting looking books! I laughed so hard at the first review that I forwarded it on to two non-knitters who enjoy your musings as much as I do.

  • Wonderful, and scrolling down to previous reviews, I think I may need to schedule some exiciting new projects. Also thinking that I do a tuck stitch in Bee stitch now in my favorite washcloth.