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  • Well they all just hit my Favs – the ones that weren’t already there, that is!

  • I made the Big Sister cardigan for myself last year and I just LOVE it. Just the perfect swacket (sweater jacket – thank my 14 year old for that term). And the Weekender is on my list – it’s like you guys are reading my mind over there!

    • I felt that compelling urge ( which I’m sure you all know) to buy this pattern as soon as I saw it. I’m really hoping I can make it from something in my stash. Time to start digging . . .

  • Can’t wait to start Hummelo by Martha Wissing. Love all that texture!

  • Have yarn and have Weekender as probably next garment. Stillwater is also making me swoon!

  • A list of sweaters through which I learn that I am Very Picky About Sweaters. “Oh, I like this detail!” followed directly by “Oh, I don’t like that detail”. Too much this v. not enough that. When it comes to sweaters, it appears that Goldilocks is my Bestie. Still, I enjoyed looking at all the pictures + what folks on Ravelry posted on their interpretations…and there are a couple that I could actually imagine making. Baby steps.

  • The weekender by Andrea Mowry is my favorite!!! Fellow Michagander and she’s adorable and clearly a knitting queen!

  • I would love to try knitting Wheat, but I have no idea what yarn to use as a substitute? Any suggestions?

  • Still working on Anker’s Cardigan…I had to leave off to finish holiday projects. Can’t wait to wear it!

  • Martha Wissing has another winner in Hummelo! Thnx, Martha…great TEXTURE, FUN to knit and GREAT 3-season sweater (4 if you count summer air conditioning!!)