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  • These wraps are all so beautiful. If I had to pick one for myself it would be Durrow. Love the Celtic border.

    • How to choose just one?? Kune Kune looks fascinating and I also particularly like Fantoosh.

  • Oooooh I’m smitten with Edison.

  • Edison! Love that it is in sportweight with that mohair shine ✨

  • I love March Mayhem! This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys—I have been looking forward to it for months. Thank you for all the work that went in to creating it.

  • March Mayhem is an inspired way of bringing the best of the year to us in organized categories. I just love it, and will pass it forward to newbies of the craft..

  • My favorite category. So hard to choose!

  • This is a great array of patterns! I keep seeing things about this on social media but I don’t know what it IS and can’t find a description. Is it a knit a long? A contest? Voting for a thing you like? Who chooses the brackets and how? Just curious. Thanks!

  • Just finished Some Time Alone. It is beautifully light and lacy despite being worsted weight yarn. Lovely in a tweed yarn.

  • What is *not* to love, in a shawl category? Some of these patterns are already in my Ravelry library; Il Burrito (oops, I mean Burato) speaks to me. I love the brilliant colors, and while I may not strand, I definitely can double knit!

  • So much Mason Dixon Knitting in my life: last fall there was a Hadley; I am still knitting not one but two log cabin projects AND a corrugated shawl, all at once. And now all of these to choose from: so much knitting, not nearly enough time,!!! ( this explains why I am never in step with the project of the moment. )

  • You are right. We should just knit them all.

  • I love this category, too! I was faithful to the “Would I knit this?” criterion until I came to Il Burato. As much as I love it, I know that I wouldn’t knit it, but had to put it on my short list because it is so beautiful!

  • There are projects for Fantoosh! going back to 2015 and 2016, though. Maybe it was republished in 2017?, but it’s been on my wish list for a few years.