Wear What You Make: First Scarf Is the Itchiest

March 5, 2018

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  • This was such a great read! I really admire that you make things for your self, actually wear them, and get a chance to enjoy them. So many times I have purchased yarn to make myself something but get distracted because I need to make something for someone else. It’s happening right now, even though I swore it would never happen again. Your wonderful example, Sonya, gives me inspiration to keep trying.

  • Hi Sonya,
    You make your work creative and personal while learning and developing new techniques.
    Knitting and sewing are functional pursuits but many of us have the souls of artists and we need to insert ourselves in the midst of patterns and instructions.
    I love the way you do that.

  • Love this! I too made a mohair scarf because it was the most wonderful orange in the world. Could only wear it with a turtleneck but I stuck with that itchy thing for quite a few years because of the color. I still make many knitting decisions that are still probably not a good idea but hey, it’s only yarn, I have loads of fun playing around, and sometimes crazy turns out crazy good. (If anyone reading this is someone I test knit for, I do behave myself -more or less- when test knitting!

  • Laugh out loud funny. I’ve done the mohair scarf, as an example of lace knitting. It is beautifully and carefully done and graces my dresser top. Although it might help out on droopy neck skin with the Brillo pad qualities. I love your sweaters. Nice simple designs.

    • Goodmorning Sonya, again (always) you made my morning! ( waking up each day is a gift) you are so funny, and refreshingly honest, candid, in sharing with us your fabulous, beautiful designer projects. Your not afraid to experiment, therefore your fabulous wares!!! There is hope for me Sonya, Yaay! Have a great safe day, Sincerly, Dorian

  • Love this!
    I seem to find myself geneticly unable to follow knitting patterns or recipes exactly as written. Brings some fun into my life’s!
    Thanks for all the cardigan patterns I’m collecting because of you.

  • When I was in high school I took a class that taught all of the decorative arts embroidery, crochet, knitting and I am sure there were several more. For my first knitting project I chose to knit a sweater. I had two colors of yarn so ended up with a lovely mix. I learned just about everything I needed even button holes and a turned facing. That sweater has stood the test of time it is now almost 55 years old and I am unraveling very worn cuffs and neckline to attempt to repair the ribbing so that my daughter can continue to wear it. I have received many compliments over the years as well as many hours of snuggling in it warmth. I believe if I can fix the cuffs and neckline it will give my daughter many more years of warmth. I haven’t knitted much over the years but knowing how to do all of the creative arts has been invaluable.

  • I enjoy reading every single one of your posts. And our color sense – sensational!

  • This was an amazing piece of writing to find, especially when I just tore apart a lace scarf attempt for a second time after crapping up the pattern beyond any saving or hiding or calling the uneven holes “a feature” of the pattern. Thank you- as a long time notice knitter, can’ wait to read more of you!

  • Your articles are always so fun, funny and inspiring! And your outfits are just gorgeous and original – it’s really what we yarn/fabric crafters aspire to, isn’t it? Something that will make us feel happy and creative in the end, whether we wear it or not. 🙂

  • I always enjoy your articles. So much fun and encouraging. Would love to know more about how you came to discover your “uniform”.

  • I love Sonya’s posts. They’re so honest and real and make me feel good about my novice knitting abilities.

  • Omg! I totally have A Season’s Tale and remember looking at the knitting in it longingly as a beginning knitter. That giant ridiculous/awesome coat near the back!? I think I still (sort of ) wish I had the gumption and yarn reserves to make that happen.

  • Love the bright colors. So proud to be wearing her projects. I loved her stories.

  • Fantastic read as always. I really love the striped sweater!!!!