Logalong: The Seamy Underside of Seaming Undersides

By Ann Shayne
February 22, 2018

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  • Ann, you blanket looks terrific. I am struggling a little with sequencing so you inspire me. My favorite project is long is the past: a free form doll that I knit using odds and ends of natural dyed,hand spun yarn (from my own sheep, no less!) I knit her in one piece, about 12” tall. She has on a skirt and sun hat and carries a little purse. I stuffed her with unspun wool. Her colors have faded now but she is still a fave.

    • I want to see this doll! She sounds lovely!

  • Please tell me this will be a pattern!

  • Sequence knitting on any scale! I love working on my Parallelogram Wrap (yes, I’m doubling the width of the Parallelogram Scarf from MDK Field Guide No. 5!)–and Freia Shawl yarn is perfectly soft, springy and perfect (did I say that already?) Rhapsodizing over, first tea, then homework, then knitting.

    • Knitting the Sequence Scarf for my own Knitting Olympics. My mind was wandering about possibilities, such as doubling or tripling the number of cast on stitches or keeping the same number of stitches and using worsted weight yarn and larger needles. Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Thank you Ann!!!! I have to piece together a sweater and was just going to look into the best way to do it! You read my mind. I always looks forward to reading each days posts. Thank you so much for taking the time each day to put a message together for us to savor~

  • Thanks for this Ann. Just for the heck of it I looked at the video tutorial and discovered I’ve been doing mattress stitch wrong all these years! Hunh.

  • Ann, what about crochet or knitting the blocks together? My mattress stitch always leaves a ridge on the wrong side.

    • My thinking here is that I didn’t want a solid line of color along the seams if I did crochet. The blips of mattress stitching are less noticeable. But yes, there is a ridge, though I’m picking up the half stitch on the edge, not a full stitch as shown in the video. So the ridge is not as bulky.

  • I am missing a mattress stitch love gene. I do anything I can to avoid seams.

  • The blanket, even partially completed, looks wonderful — warm, soft, and snuggly, with just the right amount of weight and drape. It is a good thing you’ve been wearing it as a wrap. Otherwise, someone — Kermit, Hubbo, Clif, the next-door neighbor — would claim it and you’d never see it again!

  • That’s beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. And mattress stitch is magic, just like blocking.

    I don’t know if I have a favorite project. But I do still love my log cabin blanket from 2009. I was wearing it last night like a shawl, folded on the diagonal (cool colors out!) so I could step out at midnight to watch the falling snow. Snuggly!

  • Rock on, my Knitting Sistah! It looks amazing from here, Keep going, we are all with you!

  • That blanket looks lovely in these tantalizing glimpse-y shots – looking forward to the Big Reveal of the entire thing! As for favorite projects, it would be hard to choose. I think it would be much easier to come up with a short list of projects I have NOT enjoyed and would not repeat for love nor money.

  • Your mattress stitch tutorial was outstanding!

  • Can I say that this is my favorite blog title, possibly of all time? You clever clever ladies! 😀

    • Agreed!