Beautiful Dvořák

By Ann Shayne
February 10, 2018

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  • Thanks, Ann, for affirming me in my Lenten discipline of a media fast. No news channels for 40 days. I had suspected that I would default to classical music and now, for sure, I’ll be turning to that place on my dial. WKSU Classical is my local go to.

    • Gee. I was thinking of giving up asparagus.

  • Lovely music, enhanced by the gorgeous video! That seems rare. Thank you. The other commenter mentioned Lent. I take on a discipline during Lent. Maybe it should be intentionally listening to classical music. It’s so easy to go through my day with words, words, words.

  • My teenage son has decided that his new favourite radio station for the car is “Fine Music fm”(mostly classical )(in Sydney). Bliss!

    • Pip, I remember one summer when my daughter was 15 or 16, and she was going on a bicycle trip around Belgium and France (from California). The kids could bring only 3 CDs (this was before the days of playlists on your phone), and one of the ones she chose was Bach’s Unaccompanied Suites for Cello. Be still my heart!

  • Ann that’s the only station I listen to. It really helps with Nashville traffic. At one time I did use Pandora for movie themes for commute music. It’s surreal in a way that is beyond words to go down Church Street from 7th to 3rd at 4:30 pm while playing epic movie soundtracks.

    • That is hilarious, Mary Sue! You would be such a badass action hero: THE DRIVER, starring Mary Sue. See! Mary Sue turn left onto Eighth Avenue before a Preds game. Watch! Mary Sue cut off a Pedal Tavern loaded with bachelorettes singing Katy Perry! Nobody gets between Mary Sue and Haus of Yarn…

  • I love musicians. Married one; begat one. How fun it is to watch them close up here from the delightfully expressive conductor to the French horn player with ear protection to Wilford Brimley on the flute. I’m convinced that if we listened to classical music in our cars, there would be a diminution of road rage. My car’s channel changer stays on KVNO in Omaha. No rage and I drive like there’s a cop in the next lane. Thanks for sharing this, Ann.

    • “Wilford Brimley on the flute” – yes!! And did you catch Dr House sitting in the back until his turn with the triangle? This was a most delightful way to enjoy my last cup of coffee this morning!

  • Love music of all kinds. My 1.5 hr commute each way to work allows me to listen to almost everything, and currently Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland. Hey, talent is talent, whether it’s Jimi or Antonin!

  • Thank you for the reminder, Ann! It’s been ages since I listened to that symphony.
    Have a great weekend yourself!

  • One of my favorites…and a delight to see the camera move around the orchestra! Love the idea of giving up the news for Lent…though I’m Jewish so I will make adjustments!

  • If you want to hear another lovely version of the Largo from The New World Symphony (which is basically the gospel hymn, Goin’ Home), track down the sound track for the movie Paradise Road. The movie is about a group of women who created a choir in the midst of a Japanese prison camp in Sumatra in order to preserve their humanity and hope. Most of the sound track is based on musical arrangements created by the two women who led the choir, and it is transcendent!

    • Goin’, not Coming! That’s what I meant ugh! (scurries off to correct)

      And wow, what a movie Paradise Road must be. I’ll definitely track it down. Thank you for the recommendation!

  • Thanks so much I love classical music for any task…knitting, housework even gardening

  • Dvorak’s Symphony from the New World is perhaps my favorite piece of classical music. It never fails to transport me!

  • The last symphony I attended was 30 years ago in Sacramento, Ca. with my husband and in-laws. I slept through the whole thing. I watched this video today but alas my tastes have not changed….snooze….Give me some James Taylor or Tower of Power, George Michael etc… for knitting and driving I’m in!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful music.

    Happy Weekend!


  • I started watching Shark Tank & London’s Dragon’s Den reruns (new to me) because the news is so insane. I find the contrast between the two fascinating.

  • Also, thanks for remminding me about Victoria. I’d missed 2 epis. But thanks to you I’m nearly back in track. I think last week’s epi needs to be shown to Congress!

  • One of my all-time favorite symphonies!