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  • Friends of Miniskein should include the Knitvent 2017 cowl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade

    • Whoops, will e-mail. So excited for a favorite pattern that I stopped reading to early.

  • LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the categories. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with! I got some great ideas from last year’s picks.

    • Agree!

  • Ooooh….YAY! This was so fun last year!!

  • I love the categories you’ve laid out. Can’t wait!

    • I agree!!

  • Oh man, you guys are killing me! I CAN’T KNIT FAST ENOUGH! Too many, WAY too many luscious potential projects!

    • Don’t worry, they will wait for you, just save the posts in your account for future reference, and move on….

    • You read my thoughts!

  • I will be seriously watching for the Friends of MiniSkein. I have two different sets, purchased on 2 differents whims, and I need 2 patterns because they Do. Not. Go. Together.

    (The set with 24 colors, each about 20 yards long, is proving to be a special challenge for me. Needing ideas here.)

  • Because I needed a little break, I took a moment to make a Ravelry search for the yoke sweaters:


    So many beautiful designs…and just in 2017!

    • Thanks for that link! So many beautiful sweaters.

  • Last year was so fun. I had a blast picking my brackets. My husband was a little confused over how this translated into knitting but thought it was a creative idea idea. Looking forward to adding new projects to my Rav queue.

  • Loved it! So glad we’re doing all that crazy again.

    • I know—how could we not? All the crazy!

  • This was the most insane, most fun MDK thing of last year! Cannot wait for this year’s brackets!

    Compiling list for email as we speak…er, type…

  • Hey, I loved all 64 of last year’s entries! Thanks for the chance to re-visit them. I would love to contribute the perfect “Worthy but Overlooked Pattern of 2017,” but my Ravelry projects page reveals that there is no such animal. I did just knit a pattern from 2017…sort of. It was Through the Trees, from Pam Powers’ 2017 book Dress to Impress: Knitted boot cuffs and leg warmers. It was my first colorwork project, and I liked it. Teeny problems, though. 1) You didn’t ask for boot cuffs. 2) I turned it into a motif for a hat. Oh, and 3) It’s not available as a single pattern or on Ravelry. The tree motif and background might work for mini-skeins, I guess. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33916502-dress-to-impress-knitted-boot-cuffs-leg-warmers

  • Lots of fun last year and gave me quite a few patterns that I wouldn’t have found on my own. Looking for to see the brackets for 2018!

  • Oops, sent you a hat pattern, as well as a shawl pattern. Why is it so hard to follow directions? Too much stimulus in front of me, I guess. Can’t wait for the mayhem to begin. Once tried to find a room in Las Vegas during what the hotel clerk called “some kind of madness going on in town.” Hard to believe but not one room available in the whole city.

  • Hurrah! March Mayhem is back! So happy for this time of year.

  • Oh, I loved March Madness/Mayhem last year–I can’t wait!