Logalong: 2 Pro Tips on Knitting a Blanket

By Ann Shayne
February 7, 2018

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  • The last two squares are absolutely stunning. Worth it!

    • Yes, I really like that blue diamond pattern. The description of the serpentine process makes me want to investigate sequence knitting.

      • Do it! And if you stumble upon the chance to take a class with Cecelia (Campochiaro), do that too! She’s fabulous and sequence knitting is fascinating and deeply satisfying.

  • And then if you rewatch ‘John Adams’ on Amazon Prime, you will be thrown by dreamy, Zen series Rufus playing Alexander Hamilton. How’s a gal supposed to hold her needles with such distractions?

    • And don’t forget Will Ladislow in Middlemarch…

  • Hilarious and sad.

  • I used sequence squares in my Scarfy Thing, after your introduction of yours. But mine were small and manageable. Your last two are abosolutely da bomb!

  • I’m sure Lord M/Rufus wishes he had your lovely blanket in all those invalid scenes!

  • The formal beauty of a blanket of squares being itself a big square is Dantesque (maybe). Rufus and I think you were meant to move the goalpost, Ann.

  • Beautiful! I love the cream one in particular!

  • Another hint for finishing a blanket: be prepared to spend 25 years on it. Yup, actually finished a UFO that was originally begun at least 25 years before. Have resolved not to start any more blankets because at this point I won’t live long enough.

  • Oh, Lord Melbourne!! Such a dreamy distraction! 😉

  • You always make me laugh… Thanks. 🙂
    Your blanket/throw/lovie will be a treasure. And those tweedy colors! Oh, I could also stare at them all day long. They really are a work of art themselves. I’m currently working with BT Shelter and Loft in their Meteorite color way, and it’s like the dark blue of yours Ann with so many multi-color flecks. Wonder!

  • I love this entire post! And being a die-hard fan of “Victoria” I had to chuckle at all the references to the divine Lord M. 🙂

  • Can always add that deleted section next winter if Nashville experiences another Snowpocolypse. Or just snuggle your top half under the throw and use the extra skeins of tweed to knit snuggly warm (sequence?) knee socks for the parts that stick out from into the chilly air…

  • Am ordering the book . I’ve become so fascinated by sequence knitting .
    Love your blanket. It’s gonna be wonderful and warm and Kermit is gonna love it

  • I’m loving the word fleckles. And pfaff is good too.

  • I’m afraid the lace in my baby dress also suffered as I was transfixed by the fading Lord M. I had to rip the next morning.

  • This made me laugh and I needed that today. So thank you. But I also find those sequences very engaging and it’s on my “fun things to try” list!

  • There should be a spin-series called Lord M! I would definitely watch it!!

  • I. Want. That. Blue. Yarn.

  • I’m afraid I don’t understand the fingerless mitts phenomenon. They would seem to be good for texting (the texting gloves I bought don’t work), but my fingers would be too cold. And I wouldn’t wear them indoors like Bob Cratchit. We have plenty of heat in our old-school NYC apartment. So I could more likely see making the mittens that have the top flap that pulls down. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    • I love my top flap mittens. I did the tops in helical stripes–one of the Year of Techniques. I don’t know why a person couldn’t pick up stitches across the back of one of those log cabin fingerless mitts and start log-cabining a flip top for it. You’d probably have to ad lib a thumb too… Sounds doable to me. BTW, I love my fingerless mitts too, both indoors and out. They’re the tops for holding been-in-the-parking-lot shopping cart handles and for wearing under my flip-top mittens when it’s colder than cold outside. In fact I just wore them that way when I was out snowshoeing in the park.

      Okay, you talked me into it. I’m on my way down to find some leftover yarns to make some log cabin mitts.

    • I agree with you as I live in a seriously cold climate. But I have fudged the issue by buying a number of pairs of inexpensive stretchy gloves at H&M, and wearing them underneath. Once they are in place, they kid of stick together and can be taken on and off as one.

  • Ann…I NEED the pattern for the serpentine squares!! They are intriguing…gotta try it.

  • That blue is breathtaking. I am so impressed with your mean photo skillz!!

  • That yarn is LUSCIOUS. As is Lord Melbourne. I love how you’ve moved your goalposts. I did that for this logalong, too. I’m making mitts instead of a blanket!

  • Great timing. I love Pro Tip No 1 – I will be using it for my fringe and friends logalong blanket which could take over all my spare time if I’m not careful!

  • Love knitting blankets. Garter Squish is a stashbuster, easy peasy to do watching Victoris!

  • Wow! Gorgeous!!

  • Also check out the young Rufus Sewell in “Cold Comfort Farm.” Also inspiration for fingerless mitts.

  • on the navy square ~ what was your original cast on number?