The Dries Documentary

By Ann Shayne
February 4, 2018

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  • Oh, good! Something wonderful to watch while I wait for This is Us to start!

  • Wow! I so want to experience his creative energy. Thanks for getting this out to the masses (fibre folks).

  • Saved on my list! (Along with The Ranch, with Sam Elliot, a whole other kind of eye candy . . . ) 😉

  • Thanks so much! I loved it! I wish there were more of this genre to get us feelin’ all inspired!

  • A must see. Also also highly recommended “The Center Will Not Hold”. A reminder that there are still people out there who respect the beauty of the written word and are expert craftspeople.

    • I loved The Centre Will Not Hold too, wonderful!

  • How lovely….looks wonderful, thank you–Merri

  • I’m so glad you found no feet of clay – I understand that ambivalence about looking in a closer way at someone you admire from afar 🙂
    And I am now wishing for a “brilliant, quiet staff”! Preferably to appear magically for a couple of hours daily just as cashmere-combing season begins.

  • This looks interesting, and perfect for the Lazy Sunday that I am in the midst of! I will just say that the photo of the loose locks of hair on “brilliant quiet staff” member at the loom makes me nervous! I think I read too many stories about little 19th century Mill Girls getting their long hair caught in the machinery. (Or for that matter, Isadora Duncan’s scarf getting caught in the hubcaps of her open car!) I’m sure the documentary won’t include any moments like that, though!

  • So nice to hear about this quiet man in a world with too much noise.

  • Keep the Sunday fashion docs coming! I finally got around to watching _Dior and I_ and enjoyed it immensely.