Jen and Jim on Fruity Knitting

By Kay Gardiner
February 3, 2018

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  • God bless you!!! You have just made a child very very happy! I loved to find out about Fruity Knitting Podcast! You always manage to come up with great tips! Thank you!!!

  • I’ve been a fan of Fruity Knitting since you first wrote about them and the interview with Jen and Jim was especially enjoyable.

  • Well, how fun will this be? Thanks! Side note: “Andrea and Andrew respect their audience’s enthusiasm and curiosity, and they aren’t afraid to go deep into a demonstration or tutorial.” That sounds like part of the Mason-Dixon Knitting philosophy–another sign of goodness to come!

  • Great interview by Andrea with Jen and Jim, packed with knitty, as well as other tidbits. Chemistry PhD indeed! Love Fruity Knitting, and proud to be a Patron.

  • Thanks. Love the post amd the podcast epi is Fabulous! When do they interview you and Ann?