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  • Now there’s a review.


  • You made me snort.
    And after reading these reviews, I want to hold the books in my hands and pour over them. Oh, and knit, too.

  • My local yarn store will hear about this, let me tell you, and they’ll be happy for the business.

    Outstanding writing and enthusiastic enabling are only two of your skills, sir.

  • Thanks so much for making me laugh out loud. As a fellow Chicagoan, I feel your pain. But cold weather was made for knitting and reading hilarious book reviews. Cheers.

  • Oh my!

  • I got the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible as a Christmas gift from a friend. The illustrations alone are enough to knock you out. Looking forward to trying out some of the patterns.

  • Reading Franklin Habit is like having dessert for breakfast. Always a treat!

  • Love this so much. You make me laugh, make we want to buy the book I don’t already have and knit til the end of days

  • Thank you, Franklin. You made my morning!

  • My pipes are frozen (literally – in the bathroom, frozen solid) and we have no water pressure and are under an indefinite boil water advisory and I live in New Orleans, for heaven’s sakes, so I can only imagine what it is like in Chicago. You have my sympathy. I have the last book (your review is spot on) and now I may have to get the first one as well. You had me at pooping pig!

  • Delightful! I may be running off to buy Alterknit and Seed Stitch this afternoon.

  • Your writing is always delightful, Franklin. I’m off to reserve these at my library!

  • A few of these books have been on my wishlist for a while…these reviews cemented my decision to purchase two of them TODAY. Thank you for the humor and insight…I’m in northern Illinois where it is cold, cold, cold…and in the last two weeks I’ve finished fingerless gloves for my wife and a sweater for one of our pugs (it’s a long-sleeve turtleneck!!!). Everyone needs knitwear to keep warm up here!

  • Frozen tears here too❄️! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Franklin, as always, is enlightening and entertaining! Thank you.

  • It sounds mighty cold up there in Chicago, as I write from Down Under where we are roasting in 30+C…..the Japanese pattern book looks lovely. We are travelling to Japan later this year so I might hunt it out when I’m there. Your columns are always a delight, Franklin – keep up the great work!

  • I have the first two. Haven’t knit anything yet, but I love leafing through them!

  • Blown away with these. Thanks for sharing, now I’m off to check Amazon. Then I would like to hide behind my walls with my stash and have some fun.

  • Franklin, you may want to spend just a bit more time with the seed stitch book since your “free” pattern results in ribbing, not seed stitch. May your entrails thaw out soon, so you can start knitting the stash/insulation.


      • lol!

        Thank you for all of this.
        Have 2 of Hitomi Shida’s books … currently coveting alterknit.
        Will tuck into more of your observations when I’ve finished unpacking into the New Place. Goals. Rewards.

        Stay well!

  • I’m in Michigan and is pretty cold here too, but luckily my house has heat.

  • I am having palpitations looking at the patterns from “Japanese Knitting” WOW! and I have a birthday next month…I know just what to get myself. Thank you Franklin Habit.
    Sending you a tissue for the tears via cyberspace.

  • Sadly the Japanese one is out of stock af least on Amazon.

  • Thank you Franklin, love your writing.

  • I had not really given consideration to the AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary, as I tend to go trad in my colorwork. But after your review, I checked it out in the bookstore and loved it! So many wonderful patterns which appear sedate at a distance, but reveal themselves as humorous up close. Best of both worlds. Thanks so much for the review!

  • Japanese stitch patterns have always intimidated me – but I need that book! And, Franklin, maybe you could cuddle with Dolores to warm up. But then again…. maybe not…..

  • Escribes increíble!!! Me enamore de estos libros, los pediré en Amazone. Saludos desde Mexico!

  • In my hands, finally, is my very own copy of Shida’s book.

    It’s a book I realized, almost instantly, that I will use so often that it’ll likely end up falling apart.

    Not that I know where to start, because I cannot make up my mind on which design to start WITH, but I do know that I will be knitting swatch after swatch after swatch simply for the challenge and the giddiness of being able to knit any of Shida’s stitch patterns.

    And I realize, with extreme embarrassment, that to do any of these indescribably beautiful patterns justice, I am going to have to improve my decreases by about, oh, a million percent.

    Only then will I decide which ones–and how–I’ll incorporate into the Most Gorgeous Knitted Object I’ve ever come up with. It’s a lofty goal.

  • Add a smidgen of Jamaican Rum with coconut liquor to that hot coco and you’ll enjoy, but not too much or you’ll add to those tears on the floor. The Jap.St.Bible does have Exquisite patterns!

  • I snatched up Alterknits when I was in Sweden this past fall – imagine my surprise when I came back and found out it was actually an American book 0_o

  • I’ve read all these reviews and say “ditto” to each and every one of them. It’s been a long while since I have read such entertaining and exciting writing on any topic, and one on my favorite pastime to boot! All I can say is thank you, and now I’m off to find some of these delightful books.