Stay Tuned with Preet

By Kay Gardiner
January 6, 2018

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  • Kay, I’m a fan of Stay Tuned, too. Did you work with Preet?

  • Kay, I agree wholeheartedly! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode. An informative and insightful break from the dramatic.

  • Oh I agree! I’ve also been listening since almost the beginning and find I look forward to his calm, interesting and very informative discussions. Always very relevant and being a long time New Yorker I enjoyed listening to John Miller (I remember his interview with John Gotti!).

  • Wow! Will definitely give him a listen!

    • Coming back to say that if his first episode is anything like the rest, this has become my favorite! Concise, calm, thughtful- very much needed in this Age of Insanity.

    • I’m in LOVE with Preet Bharara.
      I’m also addicted to knitting and crochet.
      Perfect match.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. Always looking/listening for new, interesting podcasts.

  • Big fan of Preet here.

  • YES! Could not agree more. One of my very favorite podcasts.

  • I need all the calm soothing I can get.

  • Thanks for this recommendation. I usually drive or cook to podcasts, but it’s great to have a great one to listen to. I’m a big fan of Maggie Haberman.

  • My favorite podcast and for all the reasons you mentioned. My 15 year old son loves it too!

  • I’ve been meaning to give these podcasts a listen … right now I am so full of unhappiness and ambivalence at WNYC … because I miss Leonard Lopate and Jonathon Schwartz.
    But still very proud that WNYC gave Preet a forum. May have to put away my Jonathon Channel totebag though (I have WNYC and WQXR ones.)

  • I listen to every episode of this podcast. Insightful, intelligent, enlightening.

  • This is one of my favorite podcasts, and a very palatable way to take in current events. Glad you like it, too!

  • Stay Tuned is a great podcast. I have listened to many podcasts over the years and this one doing everything right. Just wish it was daily! Preet Bharara has a very soothing voice. It makes me think we just might survive the chaos.

  • Preet has pretty much saved my soul–the podcast is simultaneously erudite and approachable. I also have to recommend Pod Save America, hosted by former staff members of President Obama, for the times when you just need to hear someone confirm that something going on in the government now is in fact so fucking stupid.

  • Checkout Pantsuit Politics podcast too. Too educated women with differing political philosophies discuss the political news of the week with nuance.

  • Dear Kay, thank you for bringing this podcast to my attention. I appreciate Preet’s view on the issues and his calm demeanor. Even on the rare occasion when I disagree with him, he’s still easier to listen to than the 24/7 talking heads. I haven’t thrown a knitting needle at him once!

  • Thank you! I’m always interested in new podcasts, audio books, movies I can listen to (or occasionally glance up at) while I knit.

  • I will take your word and give it a try. I follow him on twitter and appreciate his comments very much. But he will have to be very soothing if I’m to listen to Maggie Haberman, who is more of a stenographer than a journalist.If I can listen to that, I’ll subscribe!