Logalong: Properly into It

By Ann Shayne
January 3, 2018

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  • WOWZA! Love what you’re doing! Stay warm (it’s even cold in New Orleans!).

    • It IS cold in New Orleans!

  • Absolutely love it!! I don’t know that a blanket would hold my attention long enough to finish but yours makes me reconsider. Perfect colors!!

    • The sequences make it endlessly new to knit, kind of mesmerizing.

      • Ann …it is so neat! I have a MUST FINISH project, but I am doing this… especially if I can get my good friend ELAINE to do one as well. I had some sort of an epiphany after Christmas and am just knitting like a crazy woman and happy about it! I, of course, put the credit on your shoulders !!
        Thanks, love MDK and you ladies and everyone reading this!

  • I LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to see the finished blanket!

  • Please tell us you cast on before Monday . . .

    • Absolutely! It was supposed to be a little swatch, but I just kept going . . .

  • Lovely! Now I just need to learn how to wet slice!

  • Vary Nice Cute

  • Oy. Oy. Oy. I want to be doing this too!!!

    • Come on, Liz–crochet up a log cabin. It will be amazing!

  • Fascinating! Thanks for the demo. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • I just got my Field Guide and am know at at chicken-and-egg moment – do I figure out what yarns I want to use from my stash first and then match them to a project or do I pick a project (and how?!), hoping the stash approves of my choice. A blanket is appealing…

    • I find that it’s really noble to start out using stash, because: frugal, wise, whatever. But then, there’s this great moment when you just . . . need . . . another color . . . and it’s off to the yarn shop. Keep us posted . . .

  • Love what you’re doing here–this blanket will be gorgeous. And thanks for the pro tips on wet splicing for color changes and yarn estimation.

  • Absolutely love the sequence idea and mixing it with log cabin. As an advanced knitter there are so many doors opening with these techniques! Thank you for sharing! BTW, absolutely loved your interview on the Marly Bird YouTube channel. I was thoroughly entertained, intrigued, and learned a great deal!

    • I meant advanced Beginner!

      • Thank you for the kind words! I’m so happy to hear that you’re seeing the possibilities of these techniques. It really is a wide-open horizon!

        And thanks for watching Marly Bird! She’s a hoot.

  • So beautiful! I wish I started a couple months ago – up here in New Hampshire, the temps have been absolutely frigid for about 2 weeks, and we’re getting a ‘bomb cyclone’ tomorrow….wha…t?? If my blanket was done, I’d pull a Lenny Kravitz!

  • I thought a log cabin would be a series of increasingly large rectangles built around a square. Is this a different version?

  • Ah! Wet splicing! Such a good idea. I’m working on a courthouse step blanket, similar to what’s in your book. Do you suggest doing squares to join later or to just keep adding strips from the center? I’m wondering how unruly that will get towards the end with a blanket.

  • I have The Sequence book and took a class from Cecilia at Vogue Knitting Live Seattle but have yet to try one. Any chance you will publish the sequence of your Sequence blocks? I am thinking ar ahead but want to make blankets for all my grandsons when they leave for college and this looks so cool.

    • I have your Mason Dixon knitting book. Just love it. I have made several blankets from it.It is one of my favorite instruction books. Thank you