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  • I received the entire DVD set of As Time Goes By for Christmas. it’s a fantastic British sitcom starring Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

    I can’t wait to start knitting to it!

    • Love this series

    • One of my favorites! Such a great love story, and hilarious at the same time. Enjoy!!

  • I look forward to your Sunday suggestions. So good to knit by.

  • Trapped by snow and freezing temperatures I finally caught up with The Crown. Simply marvelous!

  • My 2 new faves are Detectorists and Escape to the Country.

    • Escape to the Country is just marvelous! The scenery, the homes, the wonderful hosts-if only HGTV would do something similar-low key, very civil buyers, not all the ‘high energy’, and bickering buyers we seem to have to have in our shows!

  • Audio books are great to knit to, as well as sew, paint and cook. Public libraries down-load for free, and with buds or phones, homework can continue undisturbed in the same room. Great way to catch up on our reading, as the queen would say.

  • Royal Pains was a wonderful diversion while knitting.

  • BBC surpasses anything our U.S.produce. All things British are wonderful! Wish our U.S. producers would follow the BBC’s lead! 🙂

  • Sunday night is PBS night and I record nearly all of it to savor over the week. British mysteries like Midsomer Murders, H8nterland, Grantchester…I love them all.

  • Heavens no! What a waste of time that would be.

  • I’m a little late to this post but I am currently enjoying Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart. It is fantastic to knit to, especially if you loved the Hallmark Christmas movies! Also there is a lot of knitting in the show! It’s on Netflix. 🙂