Books with Franklin: Patterns to Knit by the Fire

November 29, 2017
Grab A Mulled and/or Buttered Beverage, and Get Something Warm on Your Needles.

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  • Dear Franklin,
    Please keep writing forever.
    Thank you.

  • Oh Franklin, you’re the best book reviewer in the world. Sometimes I wish you’d just put down your knitting and review books. (I know how likely that is.) But thanks for these. You almost talked me into Wooly Wormhead’s hat book and I live in a part of Texas where no one needs hats for more than five minutes in January.

  • Ahhhh my hatred for winter goes back to life Chicago, I feel your pain!

  • I took a class with Woolly Wormhead in October. She is brilliant, and her designs are so innovative.

  • I confess I would read anything you wrote, Franklin, but what grabbed my attention today was the image at the top of the post. I couldn’t wait to find out who was responsible and where it came from. Thank you for introducing me to this piece!

  • Hi Franklin, oh how I enjoyed your reviews! You are so eloquent in your manner of writing. If I closed my eyes, I would think you were talking in person! Your style rocks (I’m 64, a young 64, and I love you, really) The picture at the outset is what caught my eye, really, I’m brown too! It’s a beautiful picture by that artist ( I felt honored, but not overly so. I think I will get that book by wooly, ( even though I have never knitted a hat, but I like the pattern pictured, and I love to learn new things, techniques) So sorrow for such a long message, but thankyou so much for your wonderful presence in words, you made my morning! Dorian, in georgia

  • 😀 Thank you, Franklin, for the great book reviews! You should totally drop everything and come out to LA to visit. It’s sunny and 72 degrees, and I have an extra ticket for the Tori Amos concert…if you like that sort of thing.

  • Hi Franklin … solovely to hear your voice (written). Miss your special few on the world and knitting.

  • Yes, you should definitely keep writing forever. All your writing is wonderful, but I so look forward to your reviews–you make the books sound so irresistible.

  • I am with you on winter – although I’m originally from downstate Illinois, I spent most of my adult life in San Antonio and my blood thinned. Now I’m in Iowa and the best I can say about winter is at least it makes good use of my handknits!

    I believe I have a copy of the first edition of Silk Road Socks, but I clearly need the new edition, too.

  • Thank you for your lovely review! I am so glad to have made you laugh!
    Unobtainables ebook version is now FINALLY also available on Ravelry. ($15)

  • Wow! How do you find this marvelous stuff? You’re a genius!

  • More reviews, more Frannklin. And ewwww mulled AND buttered?

  • I was poised to ask you for information on that beautiful image but there it was, waiting, as I should have known it would be. Thanks for the book recommendations but thanks even more for Yellow Rocker.

  • Franklin’s writing is so very enjoyable – something I need as much as my knitting in these cold New England months that make me want to sob! But sigh – if I permanently move to Tahiti, I could never wear woolly knits again!

  • Oh, Franklin! Your writing is so delicious!!! Thank you for being both Funny and Brilliant!