David Cassidy Nostalgia Fest

By Kay Gardiner
November 25, 2017
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  • Already had one retrospective, but it didn’t include these, so thank you! It’s really sad, he was so talented but never seemed to break completely free from Keith Partridge- even with the Rolling Stone Mag cover and the Rock Me album! RIP David!

  • Funny how seeing simply one picture of David Cassidy as Keith Partridge can bring back memories and nostalgic feelings of a long ago time. For a moment, I was that kid again. RIP David. <3

  • Another childhood icon gone. I was a little young to obsess over him but I never missed an episode of the partridge family. It was the highlight of my life back then.

  • RIP, David Cassidy, I will continue to listen to your beautiful voice. Kay, this post just made my Saturday morning knitting! Thank you.

  • Here’s the only David Cassidy memory that came back to me: first year of High School, jukebox in cafeteria, someone had punched in “I Think I Love You” so many times in succession that when the opening notes came up again there was a universal groan and a blessed Authority Figure pulled the plug. Even infatuated 13-year-olds apparently had A Limit.
    Come to think of it, that was the same year – in the assembly hall of the same school, where we had all been summoned to watch an anti-drug film (on actual film, remember?) – that my ear was caught by footage of a band playing outdoors in Haight-Ashbury. “Who IS that?” I wondered. And so began a long, strange trip.

  • He was my first crush. I recently checked the DVD of Music Man out of the library to watch with my daughter. A young Shirley Jones was the lead and I kept flashing to Mrs. Partridge!

  • Tiger Bear 4-ever

    • Tiger Beat, and Flip! Dreamy.

  • Thank you for this. I was a teensy bit younger, and so was just entranced by the whole premise. But Shirley Jones was so pretty. Reuben so long-suffering, and I liked quirky little Danny. I remember being so excited on Partridge Family night. I”m pretty sure it was Thursday…

  • I was in elementary school when the Partridge Family got their start. I was a huge fan of the show, never missed a show, had ALL of their albums … and a Partridge Family lunch box! I never realized what a nice voice David had until this week when I started listening to the music again and watching you tube videos. RIP David.

  • Thanks so much for the links. Nice trip down memory lane. His mother, Evelyn Ward lived next door to my grandmother during David’s mid teens. I saw him from a distance from time to time when he visited. It was amazing to see him become so popular.

    • And my Mom grew up with Evelyn… Just so sad that both are now gone. I like to think that they are now together.

      • Amazing to see these personal connections. Literally the boy next door.

  • My daughter was a huge fan, and I remember taking her to see him in Little Johnny Jones. She with her new Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut! Both turned out to be great.

  • He kissed me once. True story. Swoooon! I loved him.

    • OMG! Do tell! What a wonderful memory.

      • I stood for hours in line, and scored a front row concert seat. During the show, he made eye contact with me, and I lost my marbles and sort of “smooched” at him, in a way that I’m sure was just really adorable, all “hey, how bout it, huh?” He got down on his knees and crawled to the edge of the stage, and leaned waaaaay over to give me a kiss! He almost lost his balance, and I would’ve been very glad to catch him. :D. Somebody took a picture of the moment and sent to to me, and I kept it framed for years.

  • Sigh…. another bit of my adolescence gone…. I was just telling someone the other day that I have none of the vinyl albums from my youth. Some of them left along with my ex-husband, but I think the Partridge Family (as well as the Monkees) were left at my parents’ house when I went to college, and I have no idea whatever happened to them.

  • ‘Tis the season for the Partridge Family Christmas album (it’s mostly David).

  • He was my fourth husband, behind Ringo Starr, Davy Jones and David Henesy (the kid who played David Collins on Dark Shadows). Even my mom thought he was cute, which afforded me the privilege of pinning a centerfold close up of his beautiful face from Tiger Beat magazine on the back of my bedroom door.

    He was too cool for school in my book.

    May his memory be eternal.

  • I was way to young to appreciate that voice! Here, he harmonizes with his brother and its just beautiful. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9yecwIocXoI

  • I was in high school and he was still irresistible. Thanks for the links!

  • Awww…this made me sad. My sister was the bigger fan because she was 3 years younger than me. This man had the best hair!