Color Talk: The Elegant Palette of Crave Yarn

By Ann Shayne
November 22, 2017

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  • I bought Nuance several months ago to make Knitangle by Andrea Halasi , it is a beautiful yarn.

    • Sandra! You don’t mention that Knitangle is basically different on every single row–what a challenge. Can’t believe you made this, wow. Way to go!

      Here’s the pattern for everybody who wants to see an unusual, complex shawl:

  • Great post to start my day, and inspire my needles. There’s been snow overnight, so I need to knit fast…..

    • Oh, I’d love a little snow here in Nashville. Enjoy it!

  • Coolth?

    I claim the reciprocal right to make up one word.

    • I don’t have the word teased out yet but it’s the yarn equivalent of umami. It’s what that lovely plummy, dark brown yarn in the post has. That sense of connection with the part of my brain that lights up whenever I see something not just beautiful but beautifully made.

    • I think coolth has been around for a while.

  • Tilly. All. day. long. Knitting the Corrugated Shawl with Tilly (and then wrapping up in it) would be the equivalent of climbing into a cozy hollow tree. Slumbering the winter away afterward would be at the discretion of the maker!

  • Nuance is definitely not sage. I’ve got 4 skeins here. Some knits and purls are in my immediate future.