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  • I am interested in Ina’s use of a lighter yarn than called for but to the required gauge. Can you say more about that?

    • I’d expect a larger needle size would be used and that the fabric produced would have lots of drape.

      • You have to know the yarn … and know what gauge it can bear … I have knitted numerous JETSTREAM shawls and know it in my sleep! I used a 4.0 mm needle for 5 sts to the inch … way different than originally suggested … that said … I had an inkling that the scarf would be a shawl that is utterly wearable!!!

    • I’m curious about this too, especially given Ina’s exacting standards. Are there (negative) consequences for long term durability? A lighter weight yarn knit to the same gauge as a heavier one will produce a less dense — and therefore less stable? — fabric, which I’d think might be more prone to pilling, snagging, and other signs of wear. Is it a matter of not going *too* far in the lighter weight direction?

      • We will have to bring this to a round table discussion … the final product is not flimsy or lacking in structure or durability … for me the win is in the wearability!!!

        • Tantesophie, you are a constant inspiration engendering confidence, stability, and security. I enjoy your IG posts on knitting, on cooking, and those spectacular sunrises, too. Thanks for being there. Merci.

  • Olive is fantastic.

  • Ah, Olive!
    Everything about her Halloween is perfect. The use of shoe bag for costume, the literary reference, and the pet owner with grown children who delights in costume. Pay no attention to the jealous folk of Instagram!
    The Sylph shawl is perfect, too.

    • You should try it with the SYLPH … if you have a skein of Madelinetosh PRAIRIE … it will be equally light and stunning … and the colors there go beyond just solids!

  • Ina is the BEST! She once advised me to switch up and add some st st sections to a garter triangle shawlette, adding interest, volume, and drape.

    • And you Maggie are the best for alerting me bright and early to this fabulosity of a post about yarn and pattern pairing!!!

  • Oh Olive!!! She really carried off this look, the best!

  • OMG, Olive–you’ve got to find something happier to read!

    • The photo of Olive made me laugh out loud, and so did this comment. Thank you! I love to laugh!

  • Thank you Olive for the first smile of the day❤️

  • All that stockinette stitch and no rolling at the edges? Was any blocking involved?

    • Note the edges … three garter stitches all along the side … three garter ridges start and finish! Bind off knitwise on the WS row … kfb in every 5th stitch while doing so … stretchy edge … ta dah!!!

      • Ina is wonderful! She is extraordinary generous with her knowledge and time, a rare thing these days! Talent, generosity, and kindness. Some of my favorite characteristics in a person!

        • Thank you darling!

      • Ina – please explain that bind off a little more, the one with the kfb every 5th stitch – doesn’t that make 3 stitches on the R hand needled? And then what? I’m curious about the idea, and how it helps with both stretch and reduces or eliminates rolling of stockinette. Thanks!

        • Tamara … I owe people a proper video on this … you bind off as you go … no 3 stitches ever on the right needle unless you forgot to bind one off in which case you must back up one stitch … you can also go up a needle size to bind off … can be helpful … altogether always think that the bound off edge must be about as stretchy as the knitting it finishes off … binding off on the WS gives a lovely crisp edge and again is helpful with keeping it stretchy.

        • Part 2 … the edge at the end is a garter stitch edge … here I only eeked out two garter ridges ’cause I was too lazy to back out 6 rows … all that mattered is binding off knitwise on the WS!

  • Sooner or later I’m going to cave on buying Sylph. Symphony of grays…

    • You can start with one skein and knock out a CLAPOTIS scarf … about 5 repeats wide … just enough … and even stitch it up as a cowl … totally wearable!

  • “She slipped off the wimple….” Those words are going to bring a smile to my face for weeks, a welcome antidote to how the other ‘Tale’ made me feel!
    I received my single skein of Sylph in the mail a week ago, love Heidi K’s patterns, so now off to investigate possibility of a mini version of Jet Stream…..

    • One skein for a mini JETSTREAM might be cutting it close … see above … CLAPOTIS scarf perhaps … or KVOTHE … forgot to mention that one … and then indulge in a second skein … same color or different and make a VERY WEARABLE JETSTREAM!!!

  • Ray of (grey) sunshine on a very grey morning! I love an elegant knit and yarn that can go in the dryer! Ina is the best.

    • Madame … gentle wash in the washing machine … gentle dry … alas … lay flat to dry and fluff at the end … a kiss from Mr. Rowenta’s steam and you are all set … it is quite fabulous as Madame Kay will surely tell us shortly!!!

  • That scarf is lovely, and a pattern with “interest and ease” is right up my alley. I love Ina’s motto. “The only successful project is a completed project that you are happy with!” I didn’t realize it until now, but it’s my motto, too! I too have noticed over the years that projects in lighter weight yarns make me happier, longer. (A notable exception being Michelle Heyman’s Elf Cap from the wonderful Handknit Holidays. Size 15 needles, Cascade Magnum yarn, and no regrets!) Finally, I adore Olive’s costume and your commentary! So funny!

    • Laura … but that elf hat is a one skein project … totally approved … haha!

  • That Olive, what an actress!

  • I absolutely love Ina and her work. She was one of my first encouraging sources when I started to crochet after many years. I am now a knitter also which I can credit to Ina’s beautiful projects encouraging me to pick up the needles.
    Jet Stream turned out lovely.

    • You are so sweet … to think of all the people far away who are touched by what we do!!! Thank you!!!

  • Olive is very good casting for the part of someone forced into servitude. And backing her into a corner is very good direction. SO. DAMN. FUNNY.

    Love this version of Heidi’s Jet Stream, a pattern I have, and will get to someday. I have heard it wraps like a dream, without being too big and bulky.

    • In lighter weight yarns it is an all year wearing shawl!!! What’s in your stash?!

  • Ina, this scarf is so lovely to look at that I can only imagine how comfy it is to wear. Could you tell us what colors of Sylph you used for it? Thank you!

    • The 3 colors are Hush, Tanis Grays and Rain Shadow. I’m wearing it as we speak.

      • See … she already got on that … but don’t limit yourself in the colors … I don’t think there’s a bad one and they could even be more contrasting as the shape takes care of it … show and tell!

    • They were leftovers … Madame Kay has the tags … but I can look … if you were to go with all three skeins you’d get something a bit bigger and super!!!

  • Resting terrier face – you kill me. And yes, she looks pretty much like my terriers do when they know they’re being made a fool of!

  • Love the pic of Olive. “Resting terrier face” has already become a staple saying at our house—describes our seemingly melancholy 9-pound terrier mix Pippin to a tee!!!

  • I love the Jet Stream pattern and bought 2 skeins of Sylph from MDK in a beautiful green – I wanted to ask Ina if I just follow the instructions as written, with the size 4.00 mm needles? Given I won’t have as much yarn as the pattern calls for (790 yds) vs 618 yds of Sylph in 2 skeins – are there other modifications? Should I just plan on doing each section with fewer repeats? Sorry for all the questions – I am so excited to start this project! Thank you!

    • I have the same question as SheriB. How did Ina modify the pattern to make the mini version??

      • I have the same question – Ina, did you just knit away and stop when you ran out? I haven’t bought the pattern yet, maybe it will be obvious after I read it…