This Weekend in Rhinebeck

By Kay Gardiner
October 17, 2017

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  • Ya killing me, ya killing me…..someday, I’ll be in that number. It’s on my bucket list.

  • That’s ME! In the pink Stopover! My first colorwork!!!! My friend, Maureen is in the picture with me! I’ll be at the get together on Saturday! (My name is Tammy, not Gracey…but I’m good with either)

    • Yup!!! And that’s me in the colorwork cardigan – my improv sweater from the Fringe Improv KAL last year. I was going to go to the pie party with Tammy, but my daughter (a non-knitter) wanted to come with me this year, so we won’t be staying. I hope you guys have another pie party next year! But i’ll pop into Merrit books and see you there.

      • Maureen, that cardigan is fabulous! Did you talk about it on Ravelry or anywhere else?

        • i did! i called it the Captain Hastings Cardigan on my project page. I’m mojorao in Ravelry. I’ve never written up the colorwork chart – i just kind of winged it. You can contact me on Ravelry if you want to talk about it!! Thanks!!!

    • I’m in the same photo in the brown Icelandic with the aqua snowflakes.

      • It’s beautiful! What pattern is that?

  • The hardest weekend in the world for most knitters-everyone else seems to be at Rhinebeck!

  • I’m guessing that oversized Whitby still fits Carrie at 20.

  • I’m stacking and re-stacking knitwear and projects for this coming weekend. What to wear, what to share?? A lovely dilemma.

  • And what did Ann do with all that mohair? Wasn’t it destined to be a coat? I’d love a mohair coat right about now. (actually, I would love to see it, but I don’t think I could wear it for an instant without sneezing myself into next week.)

    • It was madness, I tell you. I tended to my Pile Of Mohair for many a year, wishing it would knit itself into a mohair coat—you have an incredible memory, Mary. I think it ended up going to the Great Charitable Farm for Underused Mohair. There’s a moment where the dream becomes a burden, you know?

      • “There’s a moment where the dream becomes a burden..” This applies to so many things, not just yarn.

  • I am going to be totally cheesing it up all weekend! If I see someone I follow on Instagram, I’m putting all my shyness to the side and I’m asking to take a photo with her/him. My husband is the designated photographer.

    • Do this! I had someone do that to me at FFNE and it was so awesome

  • I can’t wait!! I have been waiting to buy the next Field Guide in person. I hope it’s cold enough to wear my Granito.

  • Great pix, Kay. You guys don’t change (well, Carrie has, obviously). I hope the weather will cooperate, but if not, remember the old saying, “We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, wheather we like it or not!”.
    Wishing everyone a blast at Rhinebeck!

  • Now you’ve done it. How’m I supposed to get any work done this week? My daughter and I are going for our second annual Rhinebeck on Saturday. We will look for you.

  • This looks as if it is going to be so much fun. I’m one of those who also yearns to go to the Mother of All Fiber Festivals that is Rhinebeck, but I also agree with you: as great as this will be, “Rhinebeck is not the only fiber festival,” and much fun can be had closer to home, if you happen not to live Rhinebeck-adjacent,. Your where to find local-to-you fiber festival tips are excellent. Here in Oregon we have Black Sheep in the summer, but my favorite is Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September. Friendly vendors! Adorable animals! Well-organized! Pretty setting!

  • Happy happy happy, all of it. Little Carrie! Me with dark hair! For anyone who wants to wallow, the video from the Rhinebeck Style photo booth is still full of wool induced smiles and so many beloved faces. :

  • So looking forward to seeing you both, and Clara Parkes. I may faint.

    • Liz, I would clearly faint if I came into contact with Laura Aylor. Just to stare at her because the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth as an intelligent, coherent person. So silly

  • Admiring it all from down here in the Southern Hemisphere where (apparently) we’re meant to be going into summer…..still a mite chilly tho, so hand knits are welcome! Rhinebeck looks like a real blast, must put it on my bucket list.

    PS – I see that Lincoln in the Bardo has just won the Man Booker Prize in the UK, yay!

  • I love fiber festivals and have been attending The Black Sheep Gathering and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, just north of me in Oregon. I think that these are enough. I used to attend with sheep and sleep in my stock trailer. Now, I just go for a day or two and stay in a nearby motel. Fun for knitters, spinners, felters, and crocheters. Did I miss anyone?

  • Okay you gals – go on without me, but next year, I promise, I’ll be there – wearing as many hand knits as possible.

  • Pictured with Lisa (Knithound) is my friend Shannon!

  • Rhinebeck is the one fiber fair that always makes me a little wistful that I won’t be there again this year. I shall try to comfort myself with sock knitting in a chaise and sipping ginger beer and Jack Rudy Extra Bitter Tonic, while being visited by a herd of cashmere goats. It’ll do.
    Have a blast, everyone who is going! I will raise a glass to you from a paddock in Massachusetts 🙂

  • OMG, I bought all that mohair from the same lady too. In fact I still have it. Please relay to Ann that she is #notalone. In fact in 2016 when I had to hire someone to help me organize my stash, she said seriously upon looking at all this mohair: LYNN: what is this?!?!?! I can’t remember now whether the mohair had to go to the Goodwill or whether I got to keep it….lolol

  • Really enjoyed all the pictures, thank you for sharing!

  • I loved meeting you both today. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Rhinebeck experience but, man, do my joints ache! I found some great yarn…all sorts…and you both signed my field guide. What a grand day out!

  • It was 78 degrees as I pulled out of the parking lot from Rhinebeck today.