A Visit to Rhinebeck, Birthplace of The Knitter’s Tote

By Kay Gardiner
September 12, 2017

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  • “It was as close to a Smokey and the Bandit caper as you are going to get while traveling with a couple of ladies who enjoy the Fiber Arts.”
    You guys are the coolest. Add industrial felt and a goldendoodle? You have achieved epic, legendary coolness. 🙂

    • Industrial Felthound. O.M.G. Always bad to take a drink while reading MDK. LOL

  • I’m intrigued by the felt baskets behind her on the upper shelf. So cool!

    • I didn’t even notice the baskets! Good catch Robin. Tell us about the baskets please Kay.

    • I noticed those & am curious about them also.

  • I have one of Julia’s bags–purchased at Rhinebeck two years ago. I love it, and get so many compliments for it.

  • “She also has industrial felt curtains that would make Design Within Reach go weak in the knees.” No picture? I mean, I appreciate the picture of the stair treads (great picture!), but really? Where are the curtains?

  • Thanks for a great post based in realism. She looks like she is really working hard. Gorgeous totes.

  • These bags scream artistry, craftsmanship, beauty! Question – were you able to have lunch?

    • Yes we had a good lunch at Bread Alone.

  • I would love to know more about those stair treads. That’s the solution I’ve been looking for. Are they just tacked down? So many questions but I love them!!!!

    • They are tacked down with upholstery tacks.

  • I love seeing how things are made. Thanks for the tour! The tote is gorgeous!

  • My engineer/lawyer sailing captain husband is interested in the Sailrite sewing machine for himself. Shared this article w him. The rivet machine is cool, too.

  • Great tour, amazing fabric but would love to know-what did you have for lunch? Food and fiber go together.

  • Cool tour. Beautiful bag. You were lucky to be “in the room where it happens” 😉

  • aaaand now I’m looking up sailrite machines…so cool!

  • Love, love, love this, from the Smokey and the Bandit reference, to that wonderful felt, with a stop for exquisite craftspersonship, and finally, an adorable dog! Query: how does Ella keep herself from lying on and chewing that amazing felt? I could barely restrain myself just seeing the photos!

  • I wish I had known about the Sailrite machine when I was trying to sew leather with my Bernina. I bet Sailrite would sail right through it. I did NOT just say that.

    I second the request for felt curtains!

    Thanks for the peek inside a makers workshop.

  • Love the Workshop.

  • I miss Beacon and Rhinebeck. We lived in Beacon for 13 years, and I only missed NYS S&W once!!