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  • Wonderful tour of wonderful places.

  • Thank you! I am moving to New Haven in a couple of weeks and now I know what to do once the boxes are unpacked.

  • A Connecticut neighbor, you are spot on!

  • Oooh! Great timing! Olympia Farm is having a Woolly Wednesday tonight (aug 23, 7pm). Open to all.

  • This was the next best thing to actually being there. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the lovely tour… another addition to my list of places I want to visit. Gale, you’re such an enabler.

  • I’m going to have to plan a trip. Thanks for the tour, Kay.

  • New spot for my list of trips!! Thank you.

  • Thank you! To think all I ever do around New Haven is go to Ikea. I will now
    follow in your footsteps.

  • And here I am, landlocked in the middle of the country. This is an opportunity to mention Anne Weavers Albers Cowl…mine actually became a scarf, and probably the single most complimented by strangers item I have knitted in the last decade. You could look at the exhibit, and then walk down the street and shop for it, the colors fress in your mind!

  • This looks amazing! The Yale campus is just gorgeous. I’ve been to New Haven a couple of times and really enjoyed it, but this was before I learned to knit!

  • Love that architecture! There’s not much of that around here, so it’s a treat to see.

  • And after your pizza at Pepe’s, you must go next door to Libby’s for cannoli!

    • Agree heartily (and belly-ly)!

  • Thanks! Good timimg, I’m going there for a visit in a few weeks.
    I hadnt read carefully, so I thought Kay had an Eli.

    • So funny! Neither my photography chops nor my New Haven knowledge are a patch on Gale but I’m happy to bask in reflected glory.

  • Great choices! I’d add breakfast/lunch or coffee at Atticus Cafe (mix of great cafe and book store), meal at Claire’s Restaurant (wonderful vegatarian restaurant with smoothies/juice and cakes) and ice cream from Arethusa. So many museum and eating options its hard to pick!

    • Agreed on all counts. My knitting group is planning a road trip in September. Knit New Haven will be one of our stops. Can’t wait 😉

      • best yarn shop!

  • thank you Gale ! makes me want to drop everything and go.

  • Now I want Pepe’s pizza and a pitcher!!

  • Everything I expected and more, New Haven was my dream trip from here in the U.K. but never made it. Thanks for your wonderful guides and superb photography, I feel closer through your work.

  • So is this a real knitting weekend??

  • Make time for a burger at Louis’ Lunch, the birthplace of the hamburger. The burgers are terrific but just don’t ask for ketchup!

  • What a great tour!

  • Yes, you would make a great tour guide, Gale! I now really want to visit New Haven – it seems to have it all between (or among? 🙂 ) knitting, books, art, history, and nature! Wow…

  • A delightful tour thru knitters weekends.