A Midsummer Festival of Max Daniels on Self-Care

By Kay Gardiner
August 15, 2017

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  • As a knitter whose obligations in life ofteb leave them with little energy (or time) to knit, I have been taking care of myself by reading the letters of Ann and Kay. Precious endeavors and words to remind me of how much I love knitting (and crafting, in general). I am so thankful to you guys for being there. <3 <3

    • I will never forget the time in my life when the letters of Ann and Kay were my only long cool drink of water. Never.

    • Exactly!

  • I think the emphasis on pie created a very strong framework for this endeavor of yours, and explains in part why it is growing so well. Who doesn’t like at least SOME kind of pie? And many – I am in this fortunate group – like ALL kinds of pie.

  • Max, I really enjoy your newsletters and contributions here. Your energy and attitude are uplifting and contagious. Thank you!