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  • Uh…how do you feel about stick figures? Just saying.

  • Franklin Habit would have great fun with Knitstrips….

  • BTW, a new illustrator will have a different style, true? That might just warrent a new coloring book, MDK II.

  • Okay. I have just verified my view of myself as a non-visual learner! My reaction to these was “GAH.” Although I’m pretty sure I’d really like them with photos and plain-old instructions. ;o)

  • I will miss Juliana’s “whimsy” but as another Diane said a new look will certainly do MDK knitting justice. Thank you for the strips!

  • There’s a chance that I just sent this link to a friend with a demand that she do this. There may have been multiple exclamation points. And some begging.

  • Thanks for putting up the link up for these patterns. And best of luck to Juliana is her new endeavors!
    It will be interesting to see what the next artist does with the next patterns. I’d volunteer, but have been painting mostly botanical subjects…Alice, if you come up with any vegetable cozies, I’m there for you!