Introducing: The Eddy Wrap

August 11, 2017
Who doesn't need something dramatic to wear this autumn? Fire up your needles with us!

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  • Fabulous! I like the wrap better than the original sweater, personally

  • This is an incredibly clever technique, and beautiful wrap, Julia!
    I love the shape and the potential for color interpretations and interplay….

  • You mean … IT’S NOT ENTRELAC?

  • Now the hard part, which colorway to buy. I wear lots of black.

  • My first thought was that this would be a good project to use various 100g and 50g bumps of handspun yarn. It could also be a ‘memory’ wrap using up the various leftover handspun yarns that I don’t want to throw away.

    • Love this idea!

    • I did this with a baby blanket ( that features scraps from every pair of socks I’ve ever knit, plus a lot of yarn scraps from friends. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to diminish my hoard of scraps.

      • Your last sentence made me laugh 🙂 I once knit a pair of socks using leftover tiny balls from several earlier pairs of socks. I just made it up as I went along, no plan at all, and they turned out to be one of my favorite pairs of socks, ever. They even won a ribbon at a fair! But when they were done, I found I had…even tinier balls of leftover yarn.

  • Love st first sight!

  • Super pretty, great colors….looks like a lot of fun to make.

  • Patina, please.

  • Love this? I’m wondering about using a variegated yarn for the shells? Instead of so many different skeins colors? Would that work?

  • I am completely smitten. Thank you. And I can’t stop thinking about a colorway based on the photos of the two women, above. Sable brown with red, gray, tan, and brown shells or dark gray with acid green, tan, burgundy, and rust? Just fab.

  • Tessellations! Beautiful!

  • Am I the only one seeing hundreds of ends to be woven in?

    • My thought as well!

  • This is gorgeous, and I love Kay’s colorway. However, I have no time to knit something for myself. And I sure as heck don’t need more yarn. Nope. Don’t need more yarn. (Repeating…. repeating…. repeating….)

  • A great way to use up all those bits and bobs of yarn too beautiful to throw away but not enough to make a garment. The sweaters are reminiscent of those modular knits we used to create in the late 1990s made popular by designers such as Horst Schultz and Vivian Hǿxbro. We knit the shells one motif at a time with a “join as you go” method thus weaving in ends.

  • I hear Eddy himself’s taken.

  • Will you be getting anymore of the Eddy colorway?

    • yes, they will be restocked soon! Berroco is super quick in shipping, so never fear!

      • Thanks! Just ordered it today. Love the pattern. I hope I don’t mess up!

  • Would love to see this motif done as a poncho!

  • After agonizing about colors, I ended up finding a bin of discontinued Ultra Alpaca at my LYS in the autumn/earthtones I had been considering for the shells around a oatmeal brown base. And I had been given a gift card, so why debate any further?

    I ended up ripping out to use a 96 stitch per side base shawl – I didn’t think I would have enough of the base color to do the shells in that color if I started with the 110 st base that the pattern shows.

    Also, although the pattern doesn’t make it clear, I decided that using the German Short Row method of pulling the stitch up tight to the needle while pulling the yarn to the back between the slip wyif to the next knit stitch on the Set up for Shells rows would reduced any gaps in that area.

    Last but not least, I bought 2 skeins in one of the shell colors, and I am hoping that will give me enough yarn to make a second wrap as a gift, with that color as the base, and all the other shell colors the same as mine.

    The Ultra Alpaca yarn is amazing to work with!