In the Grip of Lichen and Lace

By Ann Shayne
August 3, 2017

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  • You are approaching the point of having as many Easel Sweaters as I have Eileen Fisher linen box tops.

    I like to think of you sitting in the Air Conditioning wrapped in variegated wool.

  • Oh my, that yarn is filled with beautiful surprises. I love the reverse Easel! I just finished my Charred Coal and blogged about my mods yesterday. I can’t wait for cooler weather…

  • We need cooler weather here too, but you’re making me want to start a sweater. As for the dishcloths, I am approaching Kay’s record.

  • You’re just….enthusiastic!

  • Uh, oh. The boys and Kermit may have to stage an intervention here. Quick! Rearrange all the tank engines on the mantle!

  • Ann, we need to see the pics of you wearing these oh-so-cute sweaters!

  • Thomas the Tank Engine collection. We still have them all, in wood, metal and plastic though I’ve been told by my 8 year old to sell or give them away. Wah! I’m totally a hoarder at heart (hello, stash!) so I am going to hang on to every one of them for when I have grandkids.

    I thoroughly approve of this “more is more” approach to Easel sweaters!

  • Fun fact: Meg taught me magic loop one day when I walked into her shop as new knitter 7 years ago. She was still the owner of Lettuce Knit in TO at the time. I had no idea of how venerable she was/is – and I’m sure she wouldn’t remember me at all – but it was one of my formative knitting moments.

  • I thought I had it bad because I had to bang out a second Stopover. I’m still dreaming of Stopover No. 3, but you’ve got me beat. Nice Easels!

  • This looks great

  • Did you hit up any yarn shops on your trip and, if so, which ones?

  • Humph! I’ve got six skeins from MDK sitting in stash based on reading your previous Easel posts, when I realized that I simply had to knit one too. I’m trying to ignore them and focus on Granito so that I can somewhat keep up with the MDK KAL. Considering that it’s in the upper 80’s with near 100% humidity here in South Carolina until probably the end of October, I figure I’ll have plenty of time to knit them both before our two weeks of sweater weather arrives in mid-January.

  • I love the pressed flower colorway and the finished sweater!

  • The Easel Sweater pattern specifies sport weight yarn, yet you have used worsted weight. I think your versions are so lovely I would like to make one too. Would 6 skeins of the main colour be sufficient for a medium size, and 2 of the contrast?
    I hope there’s still some in the shop, I’ve been wondering so long!