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  • Tx Franklin and MDK. The book is on the reading pile. Time to move it to the top; vacation is coming!

  • As always, Mr Habit’s review is concise and interesting. Once again I have added the reviewed book to a growing wishlist.

  • On my list now to check out. Thanks.

  • Another cogent review. Another book for the pile.

    • Exactly!

  • Wow – I’ve followed her excellent guidance on some Ravelry dyeing boards, didn’t know she was working on a book. Thanks for such a terrific (and dare I say inspirational) review!

  • ….. but I love gelato ……

  • Thanks for this. I find it very i tersting & am looking forward to reading even though I am definitely not an artist, designer or other kind of creater, so I am fascinated by thise that are.

  • Sold! I’ll be buying that book ASAP.

  • Ordered the book in Amazon Prime. Only 2 left… Looks like it will inspire me and get me back in track! Thanks, Franklin, for sharing it!

  • Another excellent review! Thanks, Franklin…this looks fascinating!

  • She has a good blog as well… https://www.tienchiu.com/category/blog-posts/. She doesn’t post often, but her posts are interesting, and often amusing. She goes into some detail about her choices and processes… and she certainly seems to follow her own advice of “think, work, evaluate, repeat”; right now she’s making a collection of hundreds and hundreds (literally) dye sample skeins. She chooses two colors and adds them to each other in minuscule amounts, over and over… her attention to detail is mind blowing!

    • Take a look at the new blog on warpandweave.com. That’s where she is writing more often.

  • I am good at being a pro and being a realist on the business side of art. I think I am ready to try waiting for my muse with a bowl of gelato and a ball of merino. (I’ll start on the beach then work my way up to muse waiting in Tuscany) . Thanks Franklin xox

  • As ever, an enjoyable and valuable review. Franklin is so good at this!

  • I have been following Tien for years via her blog and now Facebook. She is superb, though she would question such. Thank you for this review as others will now discover her works.