Socks: Don’t Magic Loop Without This Tip

By Ann Shayne
July 10, 2017

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  • For your Kauni Effekt yarn, check out Ilga Leja’s Bermuda Scarf. Not only is it one of my favorites, it was such a fund knit.

    • Well, that looks like a ton of fun! I am a sucker for eyelet rows.

  • Back in the day I made a wonderful mitered crosses blanket using Evilla art yarn, witch is basically the same thing as Kauni, and it looks like it’s precisely the same colorway you have there. I love that blanket! Here’s a link if you want to see how it turned out:–for-japan. Also I’m really enjoying all the inspiration I’m getting from the “new” MDK, keep up the good work! Happy knitting from Bodil in Norway.

    • Truly gorgeous blanket, Bodil. It really has a unity to it, with all those subtle color shifts. Greetings from Nashville—I am going to get to Norway somehow, some way. Thanks for being a part of MDK!

  • First, Socks Yeah! is some awesome yarn. Second, I looooove making socks with a 9-inch circular needle. No magic loop, no two circs, no double point. One tiny needle and you just go go go. Never any laddering and no wasted time flipping your work and readjusting needles. Yeah, I’ve had some knitting friends complain that the needles are too small or their hands are too big, but they reconsider when they realize that you can make a sock from start to finish on a coast-to-coast flight with this tiny-needle method. A simple sock, no fancy lace or cables, BUT STILL (and yeah, I am a product knitter). But we all have our favorite methods and that’s part of the beauty of knitting. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Which is a truly terrible expression.

    • Completely fascinating. I have to try this! I’ve made sleeves with a 12-inch circ, so what’s 3 inches less? Will find out . . .

      • I’m using the 12″ circs for socks as well! I have arthritis in my hands and find the three extra inches give me just enough “give” that my fingers don’t cramp up if I use them for long periods of time. And with these cute socks, it’s hard not to!

  • You can never, never go wrong buying a ball of Kauni. Worst case you can always mail it to me. I have to get my fix when visiting family since my LYS thinks it is too scratchy. Ha! Currently, I’m weaving little squares on my zoom loom. Somehow they all seem to go together. Maybe a blanket in the future? Who knows, but always leave with a ball of Effekt.

    • Scratchy? Who are these naysayers? I love this stuff! I haven’t even knit with it and I love it already like a fat little baby.

  • I’m a sock knitting two at a time toe up fiend. I’ve tried a lot of needles for magic loop and the ones I keep returning to are my Zing 100cm.
    Perfect point for me and just the right heft. I highly recommend.

  • Addi Rockets were my choice (thank you LYS) for my first pair of socks or else I might have listened to my mom-“quit while you’re ahead!”. I just started Deschain and it is such a fast, lovely knit:)

    • Deschain is just so interesting–it couldn’t be simpler, yet it ends up looking so distinctive. What yarn are you using?

      • I had 4 skeins of Juniper Moon Farm Sabine-and it drapes so nicely:)

  • I love reading MDK! I really don’t knit that much and am a knitter who is just knitting simple things, but I love your writing and stories and comments. At 65, I hope that one day I too, will be knitting some of the beautiful patterns that you post!

    • Thank you, Cathy! Simple things are the best! I’ve been making swatches of new yarns we’re thinking of carrying, and it is weirdly satisfying to knit a little square, bind it off, and start another one.

  • I have also found that Chiaogoo circulars have a wonderfully flexible cable for magic loop, if you are a knitter on a budget. 🙂 I love mine. I learned how to knit socks with them last November, and now I can’t stop! I love the contrast cuff, heel, toe with those pink socks. It is simply beautiful. Serious sock envy over here.

  • I can recall going into a LYS in New York City years ago and asking for a 32″ size 1 needle. The proprietor was curious as to why I would want one that long (she didn’t carry them) and when i explained that it was for making socks, she not only laughed at me but called over a colleague to share in the humiliation. Needless to say, I got the right tool for the job at another LYS (my first Addis) and the other store soon went out of business.Nowadays I get the right tool for the job at my favorite LYS, along with helpful information, supportive comments, and more yarn than I imagined ever wanting. So, when you find a use for that Kauni, let us know. I’m still looking for the right project for mine.

  • I love the Wiggle Wrap for Kauni

    And keep up the good work MDK! I always find you guys to be inspiring and fun, like we’d be friends IRL.

  • Even with flexible needles I get ladders or the opposite, I pull the yarn too tight to compensate. So I shift the “transfer point” every couple of rows by moving 2 stitches at the front of one needle to the end of the other. I don’t knit socks much but It works great with sleeves, too.

  • Yesssssss so much love for the slowwwwwww hypnotizing colour shifting Kauni. Making a project with a lovely yarn like this makes me feel like a super-wizard.

  • Come back for a second, wonderful, not-scratchy, magical Kauni and you could make this….
    or see the Wiggle Wrap ( in person!!

  • As a Danish-American and total yarn ‘ho, I heartily commend your purchases.

  • I use Magic Loop a lot ( for hats, don’t Knit socks) but my favorite most rhythmically satisfying project I remember not for the needle (probably either 40″ Addi Turbos or Clover Bamboo) but for the yarn. It was Cascade 220 for a pair of toddler leg warmers (gifted before Ravelry, unfortunately) and the process was as smooth as silk, so maybe the yarn/needle combination has something to do with it as well. Although I agree a long flexible needle with a good point is vital. And, of course, you don’t always get to work with a “perfect” yarn so then the right tools are even more important. CiaoGoos work great for me too and maybe have a little more grab (? – not sure) when the Addis are too slippery.

  • The other trick to eliminate ladders is to snug the 2nd and 3rd sts, not just the 1st.

  • You can actually create ladders by yanking too hard