A Clever Tool for Finding Great TV Shows

By Ann Shayne
July 9, 2017

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  • Thanks, Ann – NYTimes already knows about me, so I was already signed up – just spent a few minutes going through a half dozen or so recommendations and they all look spot on! (I even think I found a few things my husband and I can watch together!)

  • Excellent app suggestion, thank you! I only watch Bloodline in winter so the evil characters are offset by looking at the warm Keys scenery.

  • Ann – have you seen the app Just Watch? It updates streaming services content on a daily basis.

    I subscribed to Watching for a while but found a deep demographic disconnection with the writer and realized that your recommendations were far superior. I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to The Americans!

    The New York Times has a new newsletter, Your Game of Thrones Guide. After all, winter is here (or will be on July 16).

    • Agree re The Americans! Just finished season 2, its so good! Monday picking up season three atvthe library.

  • I’ve been reading “Watching” since it was in beta. It’s a great way to discover new shows that would not come up on any “suggested” list from a streaming service … though recommendations from friends also help. (the Netflix show about the family in Florida “Bloodline” (?) and “The Fall” another great import from across the pond, both on my list courtesy of friends.)

    Meanwhile, there is “Grantchester” on PBS and “Poldark” to look forward to (though PBS seems to think we don’t know these shows have already/or are airing in the UK). But thankful for “Broadchurch” and the great work of Olivia Coleman and David Tennant.

  • Love Watching and get NYT Watching email regularly I always find something I want to watch (usually while knitting!)

  • I spend way too many waking hours on the NYT site and yet never discovered Watching, so thank you for the head’s up!

    I was hooked on Season 1 of “Bloodlines” (yes Kyle Chandler and the all-around great cast) then lost interest. This summer so far I have been re-visiting the short lived, excellent “Freaks and Geeks”. It’s not as stellar as “My So-Called Life” but still pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

  • I think you just changed my life. Also: Bloodline. So good.

  • Oh you clever MDK gals – working your way into everything in our lives – knitting, wellness, TV – are you sure you aren’t the Kremlin 😉

  • I love Kyle Chandler! Must watch Bloodline!!

  • Oooh, another season of Broadchurch! Thanks! I am nearing the end of my bingewatching of Shetland, so I will be in need of a new series soon.

  • I have been binge-watching British TV on Acorn, and also what is available on Amazon Prime. I get both of these through my Amazon Firestick. Acorn has all 7 of the Doc Martin series.

  • I’d like to recommend “Offspring,” available on Netflix. It’s Australian about a quirky family with romance and comedy thrown in. I find it to be a great show to watch while knitting.