A Year of Techniques: Heel Turn!

By Kay Gardiner
July 6, 2017

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  • What a lovely lace pattern and the perfect summer project to carry during travel, days on the beach and boat and sitting on the deck sipping a cool beverage. Just ordered Ruby kit and will join in the fun!

  • My favorite thing to do is a heel turn. It’s like magic!

  • SOCKS! I turned my first heel at a bus stop in Santa Monica, CA. I never did finish the pair, but it was a terrific moment. Maybe it’s time…

  • As I was riding on a train a few days while returning from Canada, I was knitting on socks and met two other ladies also working on socks. We started discussing different sock heels.

  • LOVE Call the Midwife…and sock knitting 🙂

  • When I was knitting my first sock, I got to the heel turn, read carefully, and still didn’t believe it would work. Luckily, I was about to leave for a conference, and since I’m a librarian, I knew there would be someone there to show me how to turn a heel. Sure enough, my friend Dale showed me how to do it – and it truly was like magic! Years later, I still much prefer top-down construction and a traditional heel-flap. These socks are so cute, so I believe I will be digging into the stash and casting on!

  • And it never gets old. At least, it hasn’t yet, and I’ve made a fair few pairs of socks. In fact , I am getting old, but the heel-turning magic is evergreen.

  • The best tutorial on this type of heel that I have seen! And I’ve looked at a lot of them. Clear, slow enough but didn’t put me to sleep, and, as you mentioned, an excellent explanation of what one is doing and trying to achieve! Kudos.