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Just when we thought we’d unearthed every possible pattern for Euroflax Mini Skeins . . .

Our roving reporter Nell Ziroli sends along a new batch of choice patterns that will make the most of Euroflax short-run color fun.

First up, Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen. The original Baktus has been made 10,000 times. Terhi’s version adds eyelets, which provide excellent transition points for a new mini skein. You knit along, increasing, until your yarn is halfway gone, at which point you begin decreases. Most excellent. Flexibility! We applaud flexibility!

Simple yarnovers win the day here.


Different Breeze by Sachiko Uemura. Knitting that doesn’t look like knitting. Only 27 stitches per row. You could crank a mile of this pretty easily, with colorblocking keeping you on your toes. The blocking on this is one of those fine before-and-after moments in knitting.

As airy as it gets.


Linden Leaf by Michele Bernstein. The Queen of the Lace Shawlette got hold of a batch of Euroflax Mini Skeins and cooked up this pretty scarf. This is the Forest colorway.

Linen blocks in such a crisp way.


Jaala Spiro’s Meet Me at the Fair. Feather and fan is one of the all-time great stitch patterns for getting a lot of action with only a little work.

Even in summer, a little decoration is in order.


Fuss-Free Baby Cardigan by Louise Tilbrook. This sweet little sweater is begging to be made in Euroflax Mini Skeins. Howling! Wishing! Hoping! Somebody do this, for pete’s sake!

Baby needs a summer cardigan.


The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by  Orange Flower Yarn. This is such a classic shape. If you haven’t made a triangle-shaped kerchief, well, there is still time.

We need more clotheslines in our life.


Chevron Stripe Cowl by Nell Ziroli. Nell is too modest to say anything about this pattern, but we’re not. This little cowl hits the sweet spot of easy, colorful, addicting.

Lean left, lean right, and before you know it: chevrons.


One Skein: A Stole by Katja Jordan. Another rectangle of drop-stitchin’ good times. Linen is really beautiful when worked in these drop stitches. Katja’s pattern gives tips on getting a tidy edge on this open, drop-stitch stole.

Macramé dreams.


Finally, I cooked up a gradient Baktus last fall, “Mini Skein Fun: Freestyling a Gradient Scarf.” You ease from one color to the next by alternating rows in garter stitch. I wear this thing with a lot of happiness.

Skinny and drapey.


We are surprised at how many folks are ordering up the Mega Giant Super Ginormo Huge Bundle of all six sets of mini skeins. Surprised, but mostly filled with admiration. That’s a crayon box of 30 skeins of Euroflax linen. It’s a start, anyway.

The big box of Crayolas is 64, just saying.

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  • I made a Dangling Conversation with my mini skein set in the Sea colors. It went so fast it practically fell off the needles, and I find myself wearing it constantly. Time for another mini bundle of linen goodness and another fun scarf!

  • A picture of Age of Brass and Steam may be all it takes to convince me to knit a FIFTH one. This is my favorite pattern of all time. I haven’t knit one in Euroflax yet! MDK Shop ahoy!

  • All good choices. The Steam and Brass shawl is one of my favorite wraps, such a great basic shape that can be personalized in a million different ways. But Terri’s Lacy Baktus is the FO that got me back to knitting and led me to Ravelry. Somehow I bumped into it on the internet and that was that. I have lost count of how many of those I have made. She was an inspiration then, and still is, now.

  • Now I am dreaming of a set of miniskeins in 64 different colors!

  • The Lacy Baktus is one of my go-to patterns for special skeins and special people. Always a pleasure to knit!

  • Great designs, super pictures! But what has happened to five of the six pictures on the 12-year Field Test: Euroflax Linen Yarn page? All except the picture of the hand towels have gone missing!

  • I love the colors. Could this be used to marl with another fiber for a blanket? If so could you suggest one ?


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