Dance It Out Y’all

By Ann Shayne
June 25, 2017

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  • Love this post! I was dancing around before I finished reading it!! But there needs to be some salsa on this list – Gloria Estafan, Santana,- anything latin!!

    • Yep…me too. In the privacy of my kitchen no one will ever know that white girls can’t Salsa but we can give it a try!

  • Coincidence? Danced to “Get up offa that thing” at a wedding Friday night.

  • Always loved Downtown!

  • Thank you Ann! Just what I needed this morning.

  • I probably play Petula’s Greatest Hits a few times a year. “Don’t Sleep in the Subway darlin’…”

    • Don’t stand in the pouring rain!

  • Phew! I needed that!

  • Bless you, Ann! This is exactly what I needed today <3

  • Well I’m jazzed now! Thanks. I needed that.

  • What a wonderful way to start a Sunday! Incredible how it just upped my mood by about 1000%.Thank you Ann

  • Thanks for the tunes! My mom’s poodle Stella goes wild for dance songs. As soon as she hears music, she jumps around and insists on a great game of kick the ball, made better if I sing along to the songs.

    She loves Justin Timberlake.

  • What?? No B-52s??? If they can’t get your money-maker shaking, you’re in a coma….

  • Thanks! I needed this!

  • Chic and Nile Rodgers are touring here sometime soon (with Lionel Ritchie) – that’s sure to be one awesome night out!

  • Since it’s Sunday, I added Sister Rosetta Tharpe for good measure—“Up Above My Head.”

  • Ahhhh….Justin Timberlake, never tire of dancing to this, instant mood lift.

  • Excellent!