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  • Entertaining as always, definitely not boring our Franklin. His interesting comments tend to make me look longer and with more interest at the pictures.

    • Tagging on here because I can’t have say it any better Kim! And a great big smacky Thank You Kiss to Franklin for always bringing a smile to my face. Which at this moment in time, I surely needed. Hearts.

      • Many apologies typing assist got the better of the spelling of your name and I missed it. Ick.

  • ” a short row is nothing more than the name suggests: a row you cease to work before you have reached the end. That’s it.”
    Why didn’t anybody say that before?
    I can do that!

  • ” . . . or only to smile enigmatically as you sip your Old Fashioned.” I love you, Franklin.

  • I’m a technique fan. Clearly the first book belongs in my library. Thank you for bringing it to my attention AND for making it intriguing.

  • Franklin, your book reviews invariably have me scurrying to Amazon to purchase said book. I’m not sure whether to thank you or not 🙂

  • For an English Major/Knitter, MDK has forever satisfied my penchants for a well-turned phrase and an equally well-turned heel. Franklin’s reviews are icing on the cake-yarn,naturally.

    • Hear, hear!

  • Thankyou Franklin for these insightful and entertaining reviews of books highlighting such different aspects of the knitting universe.
    I’ve recently knitted a baby’s dress that used German short rows and an oversize swing cardigan with the back length extended using wrap and turns. Was great to see how the short rows immediarely produce an effect, some instant gratification not always found in knitting
    And Franklin is spot on in that other knitters will want to discuss how the garments turned out like they did – even more knitterly gratification

  • I went promptly to my library’s website and place a hold on the Short Rows book (all copies already in use!) before I’d even finished the second paragraph of your review. Sounds PERFECT. I never buy a book before trying it at the library, but there could well be a copy of my own on my book shelves soon.

  • Amazing – a book on the Basics which doesn’t re-hash the same old stuff or talk down to you. I think this book will be on my “must have it” list. Thanks, Franklin Habit !

  • Knitting Short Rows is so great. I’ve been reading the library copy and now I need my own. I’ve not seen the additional step I use for short rows which is to slip the first stitch after the turn. I know someone taught me that ~ at least 30 years ago…

  • Franklin, Your writing pulls me in every time. Intelligent, humorous, clear, informative, delightful with style and panache – what more could a reader want? Keep doing what you’re doing.