Slow Cooker Odyssey: Strap on the Feed Bag!

June 2, 2017

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  • I think your mom was a genius — clearly before her time.

    • Yes, more and more, I realize this.

  • This is also perfect camping food and I’ve been wanting to make it for ages; but I have had a bugger of a time locating those little bags of Fritoes in sufficient quantities. I can only find them in a big box of snack-sized assorted chips. I’m a purist on this one thing: it must be Fritoes, no Doritos and certainly not Lays original potato chips. But, you have inspired me to keep looking.

    • Yes, Lara! I agree about Fritos being The One True Corn Chip for this purpose. But for exactly the reason you mention, I now own the detritus of two flavor mix bags of 20 “singlets.” Each bag of 20 only contains three Fritos singlets, and they are Chili Cheese flavored at that. I’d say someone needs to fix this, but, then again, Frito-Lay got me to buy 40 bags of chips when I only needed six. They’re not gonna be fixing that anytime soon!

      • Would it be too cost-prohibitive to buy the Fritos in a convenience store? That way you could get as many single-serve bags as you need without the leftover detritus of unwanted -itos. Just a thought.

    • Agreed! Only Fritos have the proper heft for the job.

  • I’m always curious when chili recipes​ say 1 tablespoon of chili, which is most of them. If I put in that amount, I can barely taste it. I put in, oh, a lot more than that. I use a good powdered chili from a Mexican store or Mexana, which is pretty good too. I also add extra cumin, which really contributes to the chili flavor, I think. I am also heat-averse and my taste buds are not deficient in other areas so I really wonder how others get by on so little chili powder.

    • AMEN MARY. I do not like a lot of heat but I love the flavor of chili powder so always put in a lot more and double up on the cumin as well.

      • Sorry, I did not see this until now, but obviously we are chili soulmates.

  • One of my favorite memories of my teens was a road trip to Santa Fe with a same-age friend. We strolled around the Plaza, Frito pies in hand. Chile! In a bag!

    It’s silly, but Frito pie will never not be the Taste of Adulthood.

  • The mainstay of all Southern high school football games! And for a quick fix, Sonic driveins have them

    • Mmmm…..Sonic Drive-in…to paraphrase Max Daniels, Sonic will never not be the Taste of Pregnancy.

  • Fritos ingredients; corn, salt. Love that.

  • Walking tacos in my house, but we use taco meat, not chili. We also mostly eat them in a bowl, but it is still a quick, fun dinner with minimal cleanup when you have a dishwasher.

  • This sounds like a fantastic blast from the past, except that my family was nowhere near cool enough to have even thought of chili in a Fritos bag. I am now officially nostalgic for a past I never had! (My mom did make a very similar chili, though never with anything as exotic as tomatillos. I don’t think the Midwest had even heard of them at that point.)

    Nowadays I’ve gone completely to the Dark Side (or maybe we can just call it The Other Side) and make a chili consisting manly of beans, tomatoes, onions, lots and lots of peppers (many colored bells and jalepenos), and plentiful spices. Corn kernels take the place of the ghostly presence of Corn Chips That Never Were, but I may try them the next time we have chili. 🙂

  • Please tell me you use a fork or spoon for this. Or better yet, a spork.

  • Fritos – but not in a single serve bag – and chili will be forever the Taste of Christmas Tree Hunting in my mind!

  • Back in the day (which is getting farther and farther back, sigh) we had chili ladled over Fritos in the bag at football games. I can’t recall for sure, it might be that there was cheese and onions available, but that was the extend of the fancy toppings. On a brisk fall evening it really hit the spot. Thanks for the memory.

  • I made this last night, and tripled the recipe. I used some substitutions like some crushed tomatoes and fattier beef that i drained first…
    My family of 6 ate the entire pot! I had my fair share too. Triple the recipe and we ate it all, it was THAT good!
    Love the cinnamon in there, great flavor.

    I will definitely be making this again. Thanks so much for the recipe! Looking forward to trying some others.

    • Oh and i used bowls instead of the bag of chips. Kids still loved it and they all said more than once, wow, this is good.

      • I am so glad your family liked it! Thanks for the feedback.

        • We more than liked it, we loved it! In fact here I am again, making it again today for Father’s day lunch. My boys have continued to talk about how good it is. Thank you again!

  • We live in Texas and Frito Pie, or just plain chili, is a boring thing to eat. I am also flexible about recipes, but feel that beans are a healthful addition and cinnamon and chocolate are ridiculous. But whatever, it keeps the hungry adolescents fed!