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  • Loved Liz from the moment I met her in here, to the time in person at Rhinebeck while wearing one of the few things I’ve ever crocheted, inspired by her and Kay. It was kismet.

    The action at Fiber Farm sounds heavenly. So many of us would jump to try that life. If we can’t get on acreage, it’s still inspiring.

    Taking exception to one thing – ‘the horrible conditions under which the people who make our clothing work.’ This is not always so, and the sewers that I’ve met love their jobs.

    Oakland is fabulous, you’ll love it. Green with envy, naturally. Best to you Liz.

  • I’m taking my first Shakerag workshop in a few weeks. It’s actually kind of pathetic that I haven’t before since I grew up in Sewanee, own my parents’ house on the mountain (i.e. can easily go) and live in Nashville, which is only 90 minutes away. My workshop is on re-using old t-shirts to make useful objects such as rugs and baskets, and I’m excited!

    • You will have a fabulous time. I wish I were going this year. It’s a balm to be at Shakerag!

      • Balm sounds wonderful!

  • Thank you for sharing this! This absolutely sounds like a place I would want to visit

  • Ann….In some pictures Kaci looks like she could be your sister.