Cardigan Chronicles: Knitting, Sewing and Wearing with Sonya Philip

May 21, 2017

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  • Delighted to find Sonya here. Fascinated by her confidence and style. Yesterday bought material to attempt my first Tunic of hers. Thank you so much for including her ♥️

  • Sonya is a great addition here! Just in time for me, too. I am wanting to learn to sew and Sonya’s got me thinking If she can do it, I can probably do it too.

  • Someone just told me about Sonya’s website … But I digress. I have one quibble. As a sewist (first)(longtime) and a knitter (taught as a child, but really took it up in graduate school) I find it much much easier to alter a sewn garment than a knitted one. In knitting, you are creating the fabric, and it must be knit to specifications. You cannot cut, dart, alter, take in a seam in the same way you can with a sewn/fabric garment. With fabric, if you cut too much you can take it in, and make the results look good and fit. Not so with a knitted garment …. but all being said, having a sewing brain does help with knitted fit issues.
    (and one day I will make an Alabama Chanin garment ….)

  • Gahhh! Fangirl moment. So happy to see this post on the morning when I’m wearing my very first 100 Acts of Sewing make, Shirt No. 1 with flamingos.

  • Have recently decided to get back to sewing my own wardrobe.
    Why? Price, fabric choices, awful things put together with spit….
    Also, I am a woman of a “certain age” and although I’m not going for the elastic waists, I’m also not 15 !
    Wonderful addition to your blog. Thank you.

  • Whoop. Whoop. Welcome Sonya! Look forward to your posts AND pictures.

  • Hello dear friend Sonya! Frijoles forever!

  • The MDK Alabama Chanin articles had started me thinking about using my sewing machine for creating again, instead of just the mending work of the last twenty or so years.
    Then the Yarn Harlot asked on her blog for advice on some sewing blog sites and going down that rabbit hole took care of a morning and lots of new favourited sites – one of which is the 100 Acts of Sewing! So great to now find you here and love your philosophy of balancing sewing and knitting as ‘perfect bedfellows’.

  • Love the way she puts outfits together. She is her very own canvas!

  • Yey! For Sonya! This round lady in North Carolina LOVES your patterns!! So happy to see you teamed up with MDK!

  • Love the layers, the fabric mixes and the personal look. I’m returning to sewing after a significant break. This is the inspiration I want. I have lots of special fabric and just ordered two patterns that will help me pull together my own personal look.

  • Lover her patterns. Sonya’s style is inspiring.

  • Already wanting to start making my own clothes and this article just inspires me all the more. Love Sonya’s style and story.

  • I am quite drunk with the wonders that are Sonya Philip’s patterns. I spent all my mad money on three of them that got put into the mail to me this very day. I am short and round with too much chest and bum so I have a terrible time finding commercial patterns that don’t look like my grannie’s clothes. I can’t wait to find the patterns in the mail and get snipping and sewing. Thanks, thanks, thanks, MDK.

  • I followed 100 Acts with admiration and have often thought of it since…what a great project, and so many cool moments along the way. Love love love your wardrobe, Sonya, and am now looking forward to reading and seeing more from you, here on MDK 🙂

  • I adore Sonya’s work and am so delighted to see her here! I agree with her assessment that knitting teaches the patience to make sewing a faster and more rewarding experience, to be sure! I find that it’s much easier to knock out a sewn garment in a weekend with the knowledge that knitting one may take months!

  • These patterns are refreshing! I’m sad that I can’t find the pants no. 1 pattern. Am I missing something? (Perfectly possible.)

  • So happy to stumble on the talented Sonya! We have in common a love for sewing and knitting! Because my body is no longer close to perfection, I find myself seeing and knitting for new babes and grandchildren. Can’t wait to try 100 Acts of Sewing!
    Thanks for the courage Sonya!

  • Goodmorning! Our dear ,lovely sonya! Once again you’ve made my morning! Can you please help me with this question, what are the best pins you use for blocking your knitting? I want to start on a project, with some beautiful fyberspatates “srumptious” yarn 45% silk, 55% merino wool, in the color primrose. I could not find any 100% stainless steel t-pins, they were nickle, and steel, I read I may have a problem with rust? any suggestions would be so appreciated, thankyou so much! have a great safe day, Sincerly dorian