3 Dreamy Sweaters for Haymarket

By Ann Shayne
May 11, 2017

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  • Laurel is divine. Going to Ravelry now to check out the details.

  • Definitely wear some handknits more often than others, which may be why I was discovered a hole in one of my Leighton socks yesterday. A huge hole. My darning game is about to get cranked to a new level. Wish me luck!

  • Yes, I wear my handknit socks whenever I can (that is, any time they are clean). I’m getting better at darning. And I have a jacket/cardi (jackicardi? cardijacket?) that I wear All The Time (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/MayasMom/quadraphonic-cardigan). In fact, I’m just finishing a second (and definitely my LAST) one for a friend. Life is too short to make the same thing over and over.

    • Wow, that project page was a rollercoaster ride! I’m so glad you love the finished jacardi!

  • The hell with buttonholes!

  • Thank you for the close-ups of the Bumble. Now that pattern is starting to look very intriguing.

  • My most worn sweater is my black Miriam ( http://ravel.me/Pam/non5f ) though my new Newsom ( http://ravel.me/Pam/whxgl ) may soon give it a run for its money. Both share some of the characteristics of your choices (no button band anyone?) but are in sport weight yarn. I like to knit with worsted weight yarn, but wearing it, that’s a different matter, at least indoors.

  • Soooo agree with March Madness! Have bought 6 of the patterns that I voted for, and can’t wait for the next one; great fun. It has made me look at and knit designs outside my usual lines, expanded my techniques ( along with AYoT) and bought beautiful yarns I have never seen or used before. How good is that??

  • Hahaha! May the mouse be with you!!! Hahaha!!!