Introducing: Love and Happiness in Yarn Form

By Ann Shayne
May 10, 2017

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  • Now I have Rev. Al singing in my head. Not a bad way to start the day.

  • Help please! These colors are too gorgeous. I can’t pick one. Would it be just too weird to use three different colors in sections? I need input from other knitters with better discernment.

    • I have been considering the same thing! I think it would would–pick the colors you like. Bliss, Contentment, and Elation (gray, blue, aqua) would be beautiful. Or Glee, Euphoria, and Contentment (rose, pink, gray). Or whatever grabs you!

      • Okay, I have ordered Contentment, Delight and Euphoria. I think I will split the sections of Contentment to fall between the other two colors. thank you (I think) for your siren song. I have been itching for a soft yellow. Soft colors are not usually my palette, but these look luscious.

        • I can’t wait to see what comes of this! Wonderful!

    • I see stripes in someone’s future. Intarsia stripes, in a barely-contrasting color, in maybe a couple of the seed stitch column between the cable columns. And a wee bit of embroidery in the center of the O”s, a French knot, or a small bead. Or a small flower. I am off to find my copy of “Embellished Knits”, Anna Zillborg, here I come!

      • Oops, correction, title, is “Splendid Apparel”.

      • Please do this! Now that we know how to do intarsia, we should do intarsia every day…

        And yes, Anna Zilboorg’s book on embellishment is so inspiring, and unexpected. Love the freedom in what she does.

  • Pretty!

  • Hooray! Amy’s such a great designer – thanks for featuring one of her patterns. If you want to take a class with her, she’s also a great instructor and she’ll be teaching a colorwork design class as part of the Fall Fiber Tour in Vermont in September. Details on our website:

  • Those colors are all gorgeous – but for me, it’s between Euphoria and Glee….

  • Elation is the best!!!

  • I’m getting ready to finish mine; I’m ending with row 16. What pattern row do I use to join the live stitches from the beginning to the row 16 stitches? It says ‘in pattern’ but would that be row 1 or row 2?