This Is Not What I Expected

By Ann Shayne
April 25, 2017

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  • My sentiments exactly, and I’m only last-episode-of-S*town in! Plus my colors DO contrast in value when separated. Gonna love this swoosh! XXO

  • I almost posted last night, to ask “is it supposed to be this curvy?” Will I like it? Is it right? In the nick of time, you answered. Thanks!

  • Finally started last night with yarn from my stash. I love the curve!

  • Haven’t started one yet, but I like the curve. The way the pewter just becomes part of the other colourway is quite lovely.

  • I’m knitting it with one colorway and I’ve frogged 5 times. I think I’m knitting whatI think should happen, plus my perfectly accommodating yarn over style feels all wrong for this scarf. Oy.

  • The curviness is intriguing! When I knit this shape, I see it as a slant on both edges rather than a curve. My mind likes straight lines, and then I block it that way….I’m pretty linear!

  • A “bluebird of happiness” fair isle by Arne and Carlos

  • Well, drat! Wasn’t really paying attention and now the pewter combo is gone! Guess I’ll have to be content admiring everybody else’s beautiful shawls.

  • I’m so glad I read this post before I started the KAL. I also thought there would be stripes. When I looked at the photos again, I realized only one was actually striped, and I didn’t want that color way. I am very happy with the pewter and marsh lily, but they are very similar sometimes.