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  • Finally an explanation of my love of light roast coffee: my Scandi forebears. I would so love to see Oslo and especially that tapestry that will be under wraps until 2020!

  • I want to go to there! That tapestry with the polar bears is stunning.

  • Many places I’ve seen and long to see again, many more to look forward to seeing for the first time. Thanks for the heads-up on the Kunstindustrimuseet – such a must-see for textile enthusiasts, I would suggest saving an Oslo trip for 2020 – or of course, planning a return in 2020 after an earlier visit! I also recommend browsing Heimen Husfliden or Den Norske Husfliden for beautiful Norwegian handcrafts in textile and other media as well. Sigh . . . wish I could hop on a plane this minute.

    • I almost forgot to mention that the Kunstindustrimuseet is the home of the tapestry that inspired Kaffe Fassett’s “Foolish Virgins” sweater design. The original piece is called “Five Wise and Five Foolish Virgins”, from Gudbrandsdalen circa 1750. Here’s a link to it in an interesting discussion of Norwegian tapestry. Fifth picture from the top.


    • Thanks for mentioning Heimen Husfliden – it went into my final draft but it looks like this post may have come from the draft right before it and it got left out!

      • I’m glad I spoke up!

        • Relieved to have you all catch this omission! Thank you! I put Husfliden back in—makes me want to go to Oslo even more.

  • I was in Norway in 2007 on a cruise with my dear mama, the best trip of a lifetime! We were on the Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion cruise (my mom was the writer in residence hired to teach writing classes each day of the cruise, since her father was an immigrant from Dale, Norway) and I was her guest! This post makes me want to go back so badly and take my children…maybe 2020, for a graduation trip for my daughter!!!! Thank you for posting!

  • My husband is from Norway, which requires that we visit family there at least every other year. I feel so lucky!
    It’s the best and most beautiful vacation destination on earth for knitters, painters, writers, hikers, cyclists. Coast, Fjords, cities and the countryside are all magnificent. There is nothing more lovely than Norway in summer.

    My extra wonderful Mother-in-law, who grew up just south of Bergen, learned to knit 86 years ago, at the age of four. I have watched slack-jawed as she knits sweaters with as many as four colors going at once, using fine Dale wool, talking and laughing and hopping up and down to check on dinner, returning to her chair to pick up her knitting….and never missing a color change. Amazing! I would love to be just like her when I’m 90!
    It’s really a county full remarkable people who work hard, play hard, and love beautiful practical craft.

    Thank you for this lovely reminder.

  • This is wonderful. I’m going to Scandanavia this summer and hope to get yarn in each country. I’ve got notes from this post and the one on Bergen.

  • I’ll probably not get the chance to travel there but I so enjoyed this little taste of Norway! Even the comments were interesting. Thank you!

  • This was a fun read. I was in Stavanger in the Summer of 2015 and was just amazed at the yarn everywhere! Even in grocery stores….buy your produce, pick up a couple skeins of wool….I loved it! And the country is just absolutely gorgeous!

  • Beautiful photos and stories.

  • When I was in Oslo in June this piece was my complete guide. Since then I have encountered a new yarn shop that emphasizes Norwegian breed sheep wool. Here is their Web page: https://www.varbitt.no/
    Also, Kristy Glass did one of her YouTube interviews from the shop with the owner, Laila.

  • I know this post is several years old, but it is just what I needed! I am planning a trip next May and Oslo is our 2nd stop! I have been wanting a Norwegian knitting thimble and figured I should be patient a little longer and get it as a souvenir of my time in Oslo so I typed “oslo knitting store” into Google and yours was my first result and it had everything I was looking for and more! Thank you so much – I didn’t think it was possible to look forward to my trip more than I already did, but I am sitting here with a huge grin and eyes misty with happiness!

  • Suddenly, I need to visit Oslo!!

  • I so love the sharing of these beautiful historic location. I don’t have the financial ability to travel much so these posts are just a blessing to read and re-read. Thank you!