Scott & Bailey (Season 5)

By Kay Gardiner
April 23, 2017
Crime and Punishment and Messy Personal Lives and Stockinette Stitch

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  • I totally agree! This show is the BEST!!!

  • I am new to that show but LOVED Happy Valley, so am hoping for something on par with that. Have you watched Doctor Foster? The brunette actress from Scott & Bailey plays the lead. It was very good.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Scott and Bailey! Happy valley and dr.foster are also so good. Off to Hulu for season 5!

  • Fantastic – didn’t know there was a new season!

  • And Happy Valley was probably even more gripping……….

  • I finally got Netflix (for Gilmore Girls) and have been marathoning BBC shows…loved Shetland and Hinterland…going to try Happy Valley, so I’ll look for this one….before that I was relying on PBS for Lewis, finally bought the whole thing on dvd…now watching Endeavor on PBS….

  • I binged the entire thing over a couple of weeks. Wah!! It is over! I miss them. I want a bee necklace.

  • Do you know about Britbox? It has shows from the BBC and ITV and is a subscription service like Netflix and Hulu. For fans of British TV it is so very very tempting (Cold Feet, anyone? They did a new series.). The one snag I am trying to figure out is if things that air on PBS and Masterpiece will also appear on Britbox – because if they do they will be there months before PBS airs them (think Downton Abbey, Poldark…). Because PBS seems to think we are in the dark as to when things air across the pond.

    WLIW … which the PBS cup rattlers now call their “sister station?”. Yeah, right. Bring back some of the other Britcoms, please. But do not replace Judi Dench!

    and p.s. — Britbox airs Eastenders 24 hours or so after it airs in the UK … and we are years behind on Chanel 21.

    • Oh I KNOW, Gail. Don’t know if I could stand the whiplash from watching EE in nearly real time! WLIW is at least 10 years behind.

  • I loved this show . I liked Janet’s clothes even bought a Alex monroe bee necklace. Look for blue murder if you liked this . I live in the uk also watch out for line of duty for excitement or hinterland for the scenery

  • I LOVE Scott and Bailey! I lament Rachel’s bad life choices over and over. I have a vain kind of hope that maybe when I watch it this time, she won’t do the same stuff…but she always does. Of course, that’s part of what makes the show compelling. That, and the fact that 3 (three!) women actually talk to each about work and life and everything. SO refreshing. Oh, and that it’s a crime show that doesn’t dwell on the gross stuff, like some I could mention. (I’m looking at you, Criminal Minds.)

  • For once, is it possible that Canadian Netflix was *ahead* of the U.S. site ?? Tore through season 5 last week. I’d totally go to the pub with those 2 ladies. Love them.

  • Hulu also has The Handmaid’s Tale, which I really want to see. But I don’t seem to have Hulu and I pay through the teeth already for XFinity. The whole cable thing is so confusing to me. I must confer with my tech advisor (my poor son).

  • You led me to Scott & Bailey, which I like a lot. Living in a rural area we can’t stream anything, so I get my shows with Netflix DVD subscription. Season 5 is available there.
    Have you seen The Fall with Gillian Anderson? She is terrific.

  • Britbox has all five seasons of Scott & Bailey (it’s already on my watchlist) and tons of other shows. The user interface isn’t as good as Netflix or Hulu, but the library is quite nice!

  • I loved Scott & Bailey! I streamed season 5 on Amazon a few months ago. I’m so sad it’s over. Happy Valley was also amazing. Shetland and Vera are also great … and of course, Broadchurch. Line of Duty is AWESOME. After all of that, I needed something less … criminal. I’ve been getting my Aussie fix on Acorn TV lately — A Place to Call Home is completely addictive (I think it is airing on some PBS stations, too). It’s a family saga set in 1950’s Australia, and it is so good. It’s worth watching for the costumes and cars alone — so gorgeous. Yes, I stream a LOT of stuff.