Karen Templer Goes to Paris

By Ann Shayne
April 22, 2017

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  • You two and Karen are my first stops of the day. I loved her post!

    • Ditto!

      • Double ditto!

  • Fringe Association is wonderful. Thank you.
    P.s. I tell every knitter I know to check out Mason Dixon, also wonderful.

  • Did you notice that she even looks great in those above the ankle length floods she likes? How does she do it – radiant and glowing in floods? She has a great neck down raglan tutorial on Ravelry, too.

    • I think it is because they are no longer “floods”. I prefer to call mine cropped.:)
      But I also grew up in the era of floods and any jean that did not drag past your heel was considered a fashion faux-pas

      • I have gotten so used to short pants that long ones seem clunky and unflattering. Plus, my ankles are the trimmest part of me. 😉

        • I saw a hipster Mormon couple on their way to church this morning. Both the man and the woman were wearing floods. Guess I really am 55.

  • Thank you, Ann, for sharing this. Paris and Karen together – what fun, and inspiration! Have a splendid weekend. Here, I am starting a spring shawl, now that the snows have finally gone.

  • What an amazing post! Thanks for the introduction!