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  • Kay, I love that your hips flare with flair 🙂 This looks better on you than you think it does. The eye is drawn to the beautiful yoke. If in doubt, just add a cross-body purse or satchel in cherry red and you’re good to go, every day of winter.

    • Veronica! Bless you for alerting me to the fact that misspelled “flare” 4 times. Grrrr. Very kind of you!

  • Agreed. It looks fabulous.

  • You look beautiful. That hug of color around your shoulders is striking and draws the eye to you. Blocking is a marvel.

  • Après blocking…..beautiful fit! It looks fabulous on you! That little flare gives shape without hug! I am so with you on camouflaging the muffin top! You’ll be wearing that sweater a lot!

  • Kay, you look fantastic in that! I have not jumped in the Hadley pool yet, but I’m going to now that I’ve seen it on you. I have schlumpy nonexistent shoulders and that yoke is perfectly placed to make shoulders magically appear!

    • Karen, I have the same shoulders, and I think this might work!

  • It’s great – I predict you will revise your rating upwards !

  • It looks amazing, Kay. Absolutely perfect! Well done!!

  • I literally gasped at the post-blocking photo. So flattering! I agree with JoEllen, this is destined to be a 9 or 10.

  • I love the way it fits – almost a tunic at the bottom, very fashion forward.

  • I have to agree with Veronica. It is very flattering on you–even the pre-blocked version looked good! I’m thinking you should reconsider your preferred sweater styles. 😉

  • Yay for you – I think it looks great! Excellent colour choice, too; suits you very well.

  • It looks so lovely!

  • That looks great, Kay! Cancel my rash comments (on Instagram) about doing vents.

  • It looks so great on you, that I now have to have one. Did you knit the length as written? I love how you did the neck. This should become one of your go tos.

  • It could be a visiting your friend in Connecticut sweater too. Just saying. I love it. Two opposable thumbs up from here xox

  • Love how it blocked out! (And as another woman with not much waist-to-hip differential . . . I tend to generally dislike waist shaping or the peplum-thing. But it’s working in this sweater! Really.) XO

  • It looks great on you. I sometimes struggle deciding on a size. I don’t like snug sweaters. The girls are my problem. After hearing “swatch” so much, I started making one before each sweater project–but not shawls and socks.

  • I am your body shape double (only probably larger). The look of my middle parts always makes me wince when I try anything even slightly fitted through the waist. I hadn’t considered a Hadley because of that, but now it’s in the queue! Thanks for yet another great reminder of the magic of blocking. (Hadley looks great on you!)

  • I love how that sweater fits you. The relaxing of the fit after blocking is wonderful.As you pointed out the colorwork is perfectly placed. I usually avoid colorwork at the shoulder area because it makes me look chunkier but this looks perfect. I might have to try it. Thanks for sharing. Also the ‘peplum’ is not as exaggerated as you think.

  • You rock that sweater. Olive is ready to go snowboarding.

  • Wow, I cannot believe the effect that blocking the sweater had on the shape! Thanks for this lesson. I, um, sometimes don’t block finished garments. Never again. I also sometimes don’t swatch and I never block my swatch when I bother to make one. Disgustingly lazy, I know. I’ll change my ways after this. The sweater looks soooo good on you Kay. Very pretty and flattering.

  • Ahhh your writing. I love it when your humor breakthrough, as in this article. Not too many things make me laugh out loud, but you do! Thank you!

    For what it’s worth, I think it’s very flattering on you!

  • I think it looks just great! If there’s a superfluous flare effect, I can’t see it in the photograph. And I agree that knits seem to shape to us after a while. I can’t remember the last time I wore anything with shaping at the waist – I tend to go for tunic-lengths and loose/swingy fits these days – but that second picture is making me reconsider the option.

  • Gorgeous! The sweater & you in it! I think it looks great! Perfect pants for it too.

  • I think that sweater looks fantastic on you and I hope you feel fantastic in it. I also like how you styled it with those pants and shoes. Tres chic!

  • Your sweater looks great! Mine also transformed after blocking. I’m very happy with it.

  • It looks great! Lock it up, so the kids don’t “borrow” it!
    (Olive was admiring your sweatert, until she thought she saw the Big Floral Damask Slipcover Monster move.)

  • I think it looks very nice on you, Kay. Thanks for the reminder that I’m playing with fire when I don’t swatch.

  • Having a hideous day at work. Finally found a few minutes to manage a microwave meal and a few seconds of quality blog browsing. You had me laughing out loud. Thank you so much for some much needed comic relief! Great sweater by the way – very flattering on you.

  • Lovely!

  • It’s always good to learn things when we knit a new project. For the Hadley, I blocked my swatch -never did that before, and then blocked the finished sweater – only do that occasionally. The result was a sweater that fits perfectly and is a joy to wear. Now on to swatch and block for the Colorwash Scarf KAL -yarn came today! Thank you Kay & Ann.

  • It looks great. I lessened the waist shaping perhaps a bit more than I needed to given my extreme short-waistedness, but I LOVE my Hadley and I know you will love yours too.

  • You look mah-velous! Love the blocked sweater on you. Makes me want to knit a Hadley for myself.

  • I’m so impressed by your finished sweater. I think it is very flattering and it looks wonderfully comfy!

  • Kay, you look like Saturday (on a beautiful, crisp fall morning). The sweater looks great; and, I like the collar. A lot. However, the pattern on the sleeves is my favorite!

  • Love Hadley, can never be bothered with swatching either ,way too eager to get going . Agree Hadley will settle with a few more wears , enjoy Vermont!!

  • I’ve got Hadley in my Rav queue, and am in the middle of processing a Romney ewe fleece (my first!) to use for it. The undyed ecru/light brown slightly variegated two ply will be the main color, and I hope to dye four contrasting colors in a mini gradient for the contrasting colors.

    PS, I think it fits great. As women we are conditioned to be hyper critical of our bodies and how clothing fits on us. You do look perfectly wonderful in it.

  • “Wash and block your swatch.” “Do as I say, not as I do.”
    I don’t swatch for shawls/socks/cowls, but always for sweaters, and they still lie to me! My Stopover swatch said I’d have a much larger sweater, but it turned out to be smaller and perfect. Go figure.

    Your Hadley looks smashing on you. The yoke is very flattering! And the length is perfect.

  • I found your before and after blocking photos and sizing tips extremely helpful. So many sweaters seemed to be styled to fit like your pre-blocking photo, which looked good in you, but I’m uncomfortable wearing both physically and vainly.

    I think think this post may have gotten me to try the Easel…. fingers crossed. I do know it’s only knitting and yet….


  • It’s gorgeous! Thank you for showing again the miraculous benefits of blocking!

  • It looks great on you! Someday, I’ll be done with gift-knitting and have time to finish mine, probably around the 4th of July. I guess it will give me a reason to look forward to cold weather!

  • I think that looks fantastic on you!