Knit to This: S-Town

By Kay Gardiner
April 15, 2017
All Selections Are Tested and Certified for Knitting, Driving Long Distances to Look at Colleges, and Sea Voyages

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  • You got me into The West Wing, all 156 episodes, and I love it. I remember seeing some of it when it was airing, but binging is so much more fun. Now some podcasts. What a life!

    • We’d hate for anyone to have to knit in silence!

    • Well now you can rewatch all those episodes to listen to The West Wing Weekly podcast!

  • Gimlet Media’s Crimetown has me hooked. Who knew Providence was such a hotbed of crime and intrigue! Now off to check out S-Town.

  • S-town is truly amazing. I would describe it as literary, Faulkner meets Larry Brown. It is poetic and profane. After finishing it last week, I’m still thinking about it.

  • I binged on this a few weeks ago while walking and knitting. So gripping and disturbing.

  • I followed the link to the podcast to look around and found a place to listen to the soundtrack, which I am doing right now. It’s compelling enjoyable music – I will definitely try out the podcast later.

  • I down loaded it to listen on my back-to-back 11 hour flights, but my Bose noise cancelling headphones failed me. First time ever. Guess this means I’ll have some serious knitting time when I get home.

  • If you appreciated S-town, check out the website and especially the instagram account, which includes pictures of clocks and time-pieces. (This comment will either not make sense to those who haven’t yet listened, or will make them think the pod-cast is different than it is.) They’re beautiful.

  • Just listened to the first 3 episodes one after the other. Reminds me of the 2003 Italian movie The Best of Youth. Might listen to more this evening. While knitting of course.

  • I loved this. It was southern gothic at it’s finest.

  • I didn’t like it after the first 20 minutes, but gave it a second chance, and I was HOOKED. Binge listened over 3 days. Wow. The ending was perfect.

    But should it have been made at all? Don’t read this until you’re done, but food for thought.

  • I just started serial. I’m on Season 2, ep 4. I’m loving them.